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Overlook Hotel 3261/1 10 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Scary strings & menacing effects build slowly to suspenseful climax. The hotel from hell
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Horrorwave 3261/5 10 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Disturbing drone builds to tense mechanical strings, distorted beats & eerie textures
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March From The Scaffold 3261/3 11 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Ominous pulsing synth bass & creepy strings build to a pastoral middle section & deathly climax
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The Pit 3261/4 10 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Dark undulating ambient synths build with tense galloping percussion & strings to a mysterious ending
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Unfiltered Terror 3261/6 9 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Eerie held high strings build in tension & suspense with ghostly swells, slides, plucks & clusters
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End Of Existence 3261/2 8 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Ghostly harmonic high strings with menacing low electronic growls & creepy cello ending
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Peak Fear 3261/7 9 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Creepy discordant swooping strings build to a calm melodic middle section & eerie climax
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Hindsight 3261/9 11 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Classic 1950s/60s string orchestral horror & suspense action thriller with violent stabs ending
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A Kraken Wakes 3261/8 9 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Menacing strings build with thunderous low piano hits & dramatic percussion ending. There may be trouble ahead
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Praying Mantis 3253/4 7 mixes Jody Jenkins
Creepy orchestral bed, with insect-like trumpet burblings & chilling strings
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Look Out 3241/7 8 mixes Michael Levine
Classic, cinematic orchestral thriller with frantic strings, menacing brass & percussion hits
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Pagan Forest Choir 3230/6 10 mixes Paul Ressel | Theo Travis
Distant choir over eerie soundscape with sparse electric guitar, bass guitar & sporadic heartbeat FX
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Evil Creeper 3190/1 4 mixes Barrie Gledden | Chris Bussey
Sinister brooding pads with sparse dark piano motif & hypnotic, gritty synths. Builds
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Dark Surveillance 3190/4 4 mixes Barrie Gledden | Chris Bussey
Dark brooding pads spiral with crunchy electronic beats & haunting piano
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Military Grade 3190/2 4 mixes Barrie Gledden | Chris Bussey
Sinister sound world with haunting piano & crunchy synths. Builds to big aggressive finale
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Apprehension 3177/6 8 mixes Richard Lacy
Slow building tension & suspense with creepy rising Shepard Tone & insistent lo-fi piano
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Cleansing Breath 3171/5 14 mixes Lucas Cantor | MB Gordy
Deep pulsating synths & mysterious marimbas build with dramatic percussion & swirling strings
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Artful Intruder 3171/8 14 mixes Lucas Cantor | MB Gordy
Nimble staccato strings & marimba build into unsettling groove with eerie cello, heavy taiko hits & scratchy strings
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As The Dust Clears 3171/7 14 mixes Lucas Cantor | MB Gordy
Dark, brooding solo cello builds with taiko drums, marimbas, tense bubbling synths & driving snare rhythm
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Reaching The Shore 3171/4 14 mixes Lucas Cantor | MB Gordy
Pensive, legato strings & hypnotic marimba build with percussion into unsettling mystery
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Annihilation 3149/8 16 mixes Luke Richards
Spine-chilling atonal choir & strings build with percussive hits to apocalyptic orchestral hybrid horror
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Mass Ignition 3148/2 12 mixes Mark Denis
Ominous ethereal bending tone into aggressive pulses & percussion. Builds throughout
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Atomic Revolt 3148/3 12 mixes Mark Denis
Throbbing basses, screeching synths & slamming percussion accelerate into a panicked climax
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Alarm Will Sound 3148/5 12 mixes Mark Denis | Ryan Andrews
Gritty alarms, propulsive sound design & aggressive percussion in a frenzy of tension & raw power
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