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Venus, Bringer Of Peace 3290/2 18 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Calm, atmospheric & tender orchestra & choir. Sparkling woodwinds & celesta with ethereal strings & brass
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Saturn, Bringer Of Old Age 3290/5 8 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Gently developing beautiful orchestra with rousing, tense middle section & serene resolution
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Neptune, The Mystic 3290/7 13 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Nebulous, stirring orchestra with magical reveal, ethereal choir & cosmic harps & bells
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Hera 3267/3 6 mixes Debbie Wiseman | Stephen Fry
Gentle, reflective orchestral with woodwind embellishments
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Dawn Of Destiny 3265/3 8 mixes Debbie Wiseman | Stephen Fry
Birdlike flute solo builds with orchestra through dramatic to gentle & lilting theme
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Voyage To Scyrus 3265/4 5 mixes Debbie Wiseman | Stephen Fry
Nostalgic woodwind theme over gentle orchestra
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A New Day Is Dawning 3258/4 15 mixes William Davies | Dag Torgersbraten | Tajh Abdulsamad | Lee Francis
Feel-good hip hop with positive rap lyrics, sparkling keyboards & uplifting brass hooks over a laid-back groove
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Quietly Alone 3217/2 16 mixes Patrick Hawes
Intoxicating, mellow solo flute. A warm & spacious pastoral prelude
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Free As A Bird 3217/9 16 mixes Patrick Hawes
Bright, crisp & animated solo flute. The sound of birdsong
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Soaring Bird 3217/8 14 mixes Patrick Hawes
Hypnotic, soaring high-pitched flute
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Serene Grandeur 3210/6 15 mixes Paul Mottram
Warm luxuriant & hopeful orchestra builds smoothly with gently pulsing string rhythm & choir
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Cuckoo 3187/6 15 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Slow, hesitant piano & string quartet with 'cuckooing' flute & clarinet. From Carnival of the Animals (1886)
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Breath Of Life 3180/1 10 mixes Tim Garland
Magical pastoral orchestral. Dancing woodwind, choral brass & uplifting strings. Nature awakens
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Essence Of Light 3143/5 12 mixes Paul Mottram
Smooth soothing warm strings with slow moving piano melody, harp & marimba
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Doina 3140/5 16 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Freddy Gottlieb
Spiritual, haunting Kaval (flute) & acoustic guitar above a mysterious drone. Arabic/East European feel
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Metallum Drift 3125/4 11 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Atmospheric electronica with quirky synth layers, driving bass, light guitar & relaxed beat
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On The Verge 3125/6 12 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Chilled pop electronica with organic textures, swelling synth pads & brisk moving beats
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Stillness Of Water 3110/6 12 mixes Philip Sheppard
Reflective, melancholy strings & sparse piano with gentle hang drum. Occasional glimmers hope
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Angels Of The East 3102/2 15 mixes Sarah Ozelle
Mysterious & atmospheric layered vocals with spacious cello and hypnotic, meditative Indian percussion
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Time To Wake Up 3095/1 13 mixes Joshua Alan Barlow | Andy Cooper
Exciting rocky hip hop with driving guitars, cowbell, male rap vocal & big organ build
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Orion's Return 3057/6 12 mixes Cliff Masterson
Awe-inspiring orchestra builds to stirring theme with soaring soprano
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The Sky Is An Empty Mirror 3017/6 12 mixes Tim Garland
Reflective strings & double bass lead to virtuosic 'birdsong' violin duet
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Clair De Lune 2997/1 10 mixes Arr. Duncan Pittock
Serene, calm & gentle solo piano. Very famous 3rd mvt from Bergamasque
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Space Opera 2964/2 15 mixes Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock
Low, majestic brass with ethereal soprano melody & multi-phonic tuba drone
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Forgotten People 2931/3 16 mixes Robert Northcott
Melancholic flute & gentle harp with sad, beautiful orchestra. Builds
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