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Arcade 3705/1 6 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Celebratory energetic EDM trap with 808s, pads, hard hitting synth stabs & arpeggiated cosmic synth flourishes
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Real Trapwives 3705/2 7 mixes Fred Chegwin Berry
Triumphant, up- tempo EDM trap with repeating synth stabs & melody & oscillating synth pattern bed
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Flying Colours 3703/4 14 mixes Christopher Slaski
Spirited, uplifting contmporary take on a Baroque concerto grosso with violins, mallets, piano & orchestra
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I Can Feel It 3702/8 15 mixes Dylan Rogers | Josh Oliver
High energy epic EDM song with catchy male vocal riff, driving lead synths, synth bass & upbeat drums
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Welcome To Paradise 3701/3 11 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom
Positive house with lively piano groove, uplifting synths, driving beats & handclaps
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Light Up The Night 3701/4 16 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom
Piano-led, euphoric house with big bassline, sweeping synths, driving beats & hand claps
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Boom Boom Boom 3701/5 11 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom
Hi-energy house banger with grooving piano stabs, driving beats & euphoric synth sweeps
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Ocean Love 3701/6 11 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom | Martin Pihl
Upbeat tropical house with bright piano stabs & bouncy synths over driving bass & beats
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Midnight Love 3701/7 13 mixes Jamie Elder | Peo Haggstrom
Bright up-tempo house with catchy synth stabs, piano & pumping beats
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Carrousel 3699/1 11 mixes Ann De Renais | Ben Parry
Upbeat, vintage Parisian café song with jaunty French female vocal & swing band accompaniment
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Get Down Groove 3695/1 8 mixes George Georgia
Funky, driving hip hop beats with positive & triumphant horns, funky guitar & fun synth melodies
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Sun Still Shinin' 3695/2 8 mixes George Georgia
Forward moving hip hop beats with huge horn swells, funky guitar licks & cool percussion
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Kick Off 3695/3 8 mixes George Georgia
Powerful hip hop with big horns, driving beats, chopped vocal samples, synths & playful percussion. The winner takes it all!
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Scraps And Screws 3693/2 10 mixes Jody Jenkins | Alexander Duggan
Quirky carnival samba workout with silly car horn, raspy brass, massed drums & scrapyard percussion
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Pogo Stick Pans 3693/3 9 mixes Jody Jenkins | Alexander Duggan
Quirky but cool Afro/ Latin percussion & upright bass groove with saucepans, an old ruler, carburettors & throat singing
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Tramshed 3693/4 10 mixes Jody Jenkins | Alexander Duggan
Zany New Orleans band groove with dustbin lids, plunger trombone & swanee whistle. Mardis Gras on a budget
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Stick Dance 3693/6 8 mixes Jody Jenkins | Alexander Duggan
Jump-up percussive explosion with a large battery of drums, Indian tablas, hand claps, world percussion & fx
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Felizes Los Tres 3691/2 16 mixes Alberto Salas | Carlos José Alvarez
Lively Cuban salsa with piano, percussion, horns & male vocals
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A Mi Manera 3691/3 16 mixes Alberto Salas | Carlos José Alvarez
Happy traditional Cuban Charanga salsa featuring piano, flute, percussion, violins & male vocals
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Nunca Para Atras 3691/4 21 mixes Alberto Salas | Carlos José Alvarez
Energetic Cuban salsa with piano, flute, horns, lively percussion & male vocals. Evocative of 1970s NY salsa scene
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Busco Una Amiga 3691/5 18 mixes Alberto Salas | Carlos José Alvarez
Bright salsa with male vocals, piano, trombones, percussion & Puerto Rican bomba style rhythm
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Beto's Boogaloo 3691/6 18 mixes Alberto Salas | Carlos José Alvarez
Funky 1960s/70s Latin boogaloo with piano, horns, percussion, saxophone solo & male vocals
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Vivir La Vida 3691/8 16 mixes Alberto Salas | Carlos José Alvarez
Upbeat New York descarga style salsa with Cuban band featuring piano, horns, percussion & male vocals
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We Are Victorious 3685/2 7 mixes Lawrence Insula
Epic trap with pop synth keys, synth stabs, ethereal synth topline, punchy 808s & hard trap drums
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Cake Cares 3672/7 10 mixes David Edward Holden
Sweet, delicate & romantic orchestral waltz
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