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No Quarter Given 3404/7 15 mixes Matt Nasir
Dark & heavy industrial rock with male vocals, eerie piano & ambient synths. Explodes into an aggressive chorus
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Survival Mode 3089/2 14 mixes Terry Devine-King | Adam Drake
Atmospheric tension bed with mysterious guitar motif & pulsing synth rhythm leads to dramatic drums, guitars & bass drone
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Shell Shock 3020/15 3 mixes Bob Bradley | Matt Sanchez | Steve Dymond
Metallic scrapes with dark building textures & scary orchestral string rise
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Tunnel Of Fear 2963/5 14 mixes Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock
Eerie percussion coming into focus in a huge cave. With strings & fx
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Primordial Fear 2963/2 12 mixes Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock
Intense, slow brass section with percussion fx recorded in reverberant cave
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Ghost In The Cupboard 2942/3 14 mixes Bob Bradley | Harrison Stanford
Chilling music box with a horrific soundscape of nightmares
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Arctic 2890/4 17 mixes Guy Farley | Andrew Carroll
Icy, eerie ostinato with dramatic orchestra & sound design tension
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Chase Down 2880/4 6 mixes Zach Beauvais
Intense, high velocity drum 'n' bass with dirty synths & cinematic fx
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Intrusion 2880/5 6 mixes Zach Beauvais
Minimal technical drum 'n' bass with orchestral intro & drumless break at 1:29
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Outpost Raid 2880/6 7 mixes Zach Beauvais
Intense cinematic drum 'n' bass with tearing bass synth. Kicks off at 1:28
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Tracer 2880/2 7 mixes Zach Beauvais
Cinematic drum 'n' bass with hypnotic synth intro & epic sound design
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Merciless 2880/3 6 mixes Zach Beauvais
Heavy percussive drum 'n' bass groove with cinematic fx & dirty bass
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Running Blind 2880/1 5 mixes Zach Beauvais
Percussive build up into driving drum 'n' bass groove with warped bass
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Lord Of Hades 2863/3 5 mixes Jody Jenkins
Frightening orchestral drones & sustains with terror jumps & shocks
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Gravedigger 2664/4 10 mixes David O'Brien
Eerie sound design with glitching FX, pulsing drone & pitched percussion
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Lair 2664/6 11 mixes David O'Brien
Dark sweeping textures with ritualistic percussion & pulsing building drone
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Fear Flashes 2641/7 19 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Dark atmospheric build with percussion breaks, tense drones & hurdy-gurdy
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Drone Slam 2611/5 8 mixes Jody Jenkins
Menacing atmospheric drone & twisted fx build with frenetic taiko drums
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Drum Army 2611/1 7 mixes Jody Jenkins
Dark drones & textures interspersed with ominous & frenzied cinematic drums
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Toxic 2449/3 17 mixes David Tobin | Tim Garland | Jeff Meegan
Darkly insistent pulse, threatening distortion, wailing sax & tense strings
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Interstellar 2401/2 9 mixes Darren Leigh Purkiss
Violent, building cinematic hits & percussion with menacing sound design
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Piano Strike 2401/4 12 mixes Darren Leigh Purkiss
Sparse piano notes above monstrous building percussion & sound design
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Get It 2322/2 13 mixes Sean Allen
Dark minimalist hip hop with cocky male rap, keys & hard trap beat
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I'm On It 2322/7 13 mixes Sean Allen
Minimal hip hop with cocky rap, 'hey' vocal shouts, bells & bassy club beat
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Peakin 2322/1 13 mixes Sean Allen
Aggressive hip hop with rhythmic synths, keys, big bass & cocky rap vocal
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