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Fabric Is My Life 3580/1 15 mixes John 00 Fleming
Hypnotic techno with pumping beat, atmospheric pads & arpeggiating synths
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My Awakening 3580/2 13 mixes John 00 Fleming
Intense techno groove with pulsating synth undertones, driving arpeggio patterns & propulsive bass
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Lost It On The Steel Yard Stage 3580/3 12 mixes John 00 Fleming
Pumping techno groove with dark synth undertones, ambient pads & pulsing synth bass patterns
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The Sounds Of Ministry 3580/4 14 mixes John 00 Fleming
Driving techno jam with pumping groove, hypnotic synth arpeggios & atmospheric, pulsing pads
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Into The Tomorrow Lands 3580/5 15 mixes John 00 Fleming
Hypnotic techno with warm, bubbling synths & ambient pads over a euphoric & solid groove
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I Love Techno 3580/6 13 mixes John 00 Fleming
Atmospheric & hypnotic synths over a bed of tech beats with pulsing pads & brooding synth bass
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Dancing On The Beach 3580/7 11 mixes John 00 Fleming | Tim David Penner
Deep techno beats with pounding four-to-the-floor kick drum, hypnotic bass & melodic synths. Features numerous ambient breakdowns
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Rave To The Rhythm 3466/2 12 mixes John 00 Fleming | Tim David Penner
Pounding progressive house groove with four-to-the-floor beat, aggressive synths & relentless ostinato
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Light From The Void 3466/3 14 mixes John 00 Fleming
Dark & hypnotic house beats with tense sound design builds to euphoric drop with atmospheric synths
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Deep Reflections 3466/5 11 mixes John 00 Fleming
Dark hypnotic beats head into an abyss of pulsing electronic lead lines with an anthemic drop. Glow sticks at the ready
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Crushing Hearts 3466/7 12 mixes John 00 Fleming
Atmospheric synths float over a driving progressive house groove with distant vocal FX
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Inner Hallucinations 3466/6 13 mixes John 00 Fleming | Tim David Penner
Progressive house groove with slightly sinister overtones & dark synth arpeggios
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Aeterna 3420/3 14 mixes Jody Jenkins
Undulating synths & violins build to an epic orchestral mass with soaring chorus & dramatic percussion
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No Quarter Given 3404/7 15 mixes Matt Nasir
Dark & heavy industrial rock with male vocals, eerie piano & ambient synths. Explodes into an aggressive chorus
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Fashion 3378/1 15 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Driving house groove with percussive synth loops, chilled electric guitar hooks & ambient vocal FX
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Headphones In 3378/4 14 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Atmospheric groove with percussive synth lead, ethereal pads, tropical keys & sampled loop FX
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Day Dreamer 3378/7 15 mixes Alex Arcoleo | Josh Oliver
Mid-tempo pop groove with playful synth bass, clean electric guitar & synth elements
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Metal Works 3281/1 10 mixes Kelly Mac | Suat Akin Orbay
Dark & percussive dubstep track with spliced vocals FX driven by found-sound percussion sounds
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Fevah 3281/3 9 mixes Kelly Mac | Suat Akin Orbay
Uplifting, percussion-driven track with chanting, horns, jungle-like percussion & electronic elements for support
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Field 3281/4 9 mixes Kelly Mac | Suat Akin Orbay
Driving percussion groove with hybrid electro/acoustic elements & powerful chanting vocals
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Speed Kills 3250/1 10 mixes Joe Henson | Alexis Smith
Mid-tempo four-to-the-floor electro groove with pulsing synth bass, ambient pad swells & hypnotic robotic FX
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Plastic Planet 3215/7 9 mixes Tom Boddy
Evolving pads & patterns building over emerging drum & bass handclap beat & sparse piano
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Water Glow 3215/4 13 mixes Tom Boddy
Organic arpeggio patterns building over relaxed beat with vocal fx lead
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Broad And Scott 3167/6 11 mixes Dario Forzato | Omar Fadel
Evocative charango arpeggio with pulsing cello, slide guitars & ethnic percussion. Builds
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So Deep 3124/6 11 mixes Peter Peters | Jamie Elder
Twisted electro pop with pitched up vocal fx, stuttering synths, arpeggiated chords & rhythmic synth drops
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