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Pulse System 3292/6 11 mixes Pete Davis
Simple pulsing piano hook above a calm atmospheric drone builds with pulsing bass, moody synths & dark voice fx
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A Sapient Singularity 3286/2 12 mixes Noah Sorota
Thoughtful piano over electrically charged textures, organic & electronic percussion & deep bass tones
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Ambient Ambiguity 3286/8 11 mixes Noah Sorota
Airy synth textures with mysterious electric guitar & piano patterns over investigative pulse
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Distended Wires 3286/7 12 mixes Noah Sorota
Deep, distorted bass pulse & mysterious detuned noises develops into atmospheric synth-led groove
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Formant Formations 3286/4 13 mixes Noah Sorota
Subtle pulse & distorted tones build into groove with metallic percussion & bending synth textures
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Korg's Fall 3286/3 12 mixes Noah Sorota
Uncertain synth textures & wobbly tones build suspense to climax with dramatic percussion
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Magna Flux 3286/1 14 mixes Noah Sorota
Ominous pads & distorted electronic textures develop with mysterious piano motif, arpeggiated synth & percussion
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Psychopath 3285/3 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Thomas Balmforth
Chillingly disturbing bowed percussion & descending melody driven by clunky guitar
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Suicide 3285/8 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Thomas Balmforth
Claustrophobic soundscape with bowed metal, deep gong & dark analogue drones
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Lone 3285/10 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Thomas Balmforth
Stark, uneasy bowed & scraped percussion in a cold & distant analogue world
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Collision Regrets 3284/2 12 mixes Theo Travis
Mysterious glacial drone & distant low gong hits build with gloomy viola chords to uneasy tremolo strings ending
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Frozen Mission 3284/3 12 mixes Theo Travis
Gentle, hypnotic Rhodes piano builds with percussion, glitch electronica & melancholy cello
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Trapped Romance 3284/5 9 mixes Theo Travis
Sparse, minimalist yearning piano over an ambient organ drone. Sad & lonely
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Snow Mystery 3284/8 10 mixes Theo Travis
Sinister low piano notes with dark organ chords, atmospheric drones, shaker & uneasy effects. Tension builds
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Lost In Norway 3284/9 12 mixes Theo Travis
Mysterious atmospheric drones with floating organ chords, low piano & guitar motifs. Sparse, spacious & doomy
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Remorse 3282/2 11 mixes Jody Jenkins
Anguished soundscape with plaintive, wailing synths. Builds
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Dark Synthesis 3282/4 12 mixes Jody Jenkins
Brooding electronic downbeat with Gothic 8-bit synth organ hook
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Metal Works 3281/1 10 mixes Kelly Mac | Suat Akin Orbay
Dark & percussive dubstep track with spliced vocals FX driven by found-sound percussion sounds
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After The Clearances 3268/4 3 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Deep, dark drone with slow & melancholic orchestral textures
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Ghost Ship 3268/2 3 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Slow orchestral underscore with dark & murky strings, harp & woodwinds
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Seas Of Time 3268/1 3 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Ominous & moody orchestral drone with low piano, winds & eerie string textures
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The Confusion Of Fear 3268/3 4 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Murky & disturbing orchestral tension with eerie drone-like instruments creates a deeply unsettling atmosphere
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The World Sleeps 3268/7 5 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Low orchestral instruments gradually rise & build power to evoke trepidation & tension
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Horrorwave 3261/5 10 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Disturbing drone builds to tense mechanical strings, distorted beats & eerie textures
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The Pit 3261/4 10 mixes Pete Davis | James Banbury
Dark undulating ambient synths build with tense galloping percussion & strings to a mysterious ending
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