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Eyesight 3667/7 10 mixes Matthew Slater | Dave Oliman
Tender strings with gentle Ominchord grow in majesty & confidence to an inspiring finale
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New Inspiration 3584/1 12 mixes Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey
Uplifting ambient indie with cool beats, catchy synth motif, deep bass & light washed out string pads
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Fascination 3576/4 11 mixes Richard Lacy
Bright busy mallet patterns build with positive driving synths & beats
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Crystal Eyes 3548/5 14 mixes Tom Boddy
Progressive electronica with evolving synth patterns & syncopated beats
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Echolust 3548/6 12 mixes Tom Boddy
Upbeat driving electronica with syncopated synth plucks, busy synth bass & heavy beats
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Ascending Skies 3548/7 11 mixes Tom Boddy
Hypnotic piano waltz with evolving synth arpeggios & dirty bass
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Forward Momentum 3540/4 13 mixes Gavin Harrison
Warm, driving electronica with ethereal voices, dreamy synths & ambient textures
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Free Flowing 3540/3 13 mixes Gavin Harrison
Triumphant electronica with uplifting synth lead, ambient pads, pulsing bassline & steady driving drums
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Living For Today 3540/6 14 mixes Gavin Harrison
Positive driving mid-tempo electronica with uplifting builds & inspiring chorus sections
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Pleasure Trip 3540/2 16 mixes Gavin Harrison
Warm positive electronica with driving drums & uplifting ambient synths builds from dreamy opening
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Reach Out 3540/5 13 mixes Gavin Harrison
Inspirational electronica with driving rhythm section builds from warm pads & synth patterns opening
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Chambers 3517/2 14 mixes Tristan Francois De Liege | Benjamin Hill
Lively synth patterns over moody deep bass drones build with driving ethnic percussion & chirping flute
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New Elevation 3510/3 11 mixes Chris Bussey | Craig Bussey | Michael Edward Mclafferty
Warm, positive piano & hang drum motifs build with relaxed synths, percussion & vocal hooks
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Always Dreamed Of This 3503/8 13 mixes Luke Richards
Dreamy, expansive atmospheric opening evolves with warm piano & driving strings to an inspiring climax
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Ave Maria Goes Clubbing 3495/3 9 mixes Arr. George Georgia | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant
Floating harp melodies build into positive house remix of 'Ave Maria' with violin, soft pad textures & angelic female voice
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Sunset Skies 3489/7 11 mixes David Kelly
Warm piano with hazy ambient textures, light percussion & smooth pulsing bass line
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Lingering Thoughts 3479/3 14 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Hypnotic, futuristic synth & percussion patterns with spacey sound design building to bass & beats ending
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Solo 3473/5 10 mixes Alex Arcoleo
Lively minimalist-style ambient piano patterns build with ethereal textures to driving indie drums & busy celeste
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Finally Home 3473/2 10 mixes Alex Arcoleo
Bright, busy piano ostinatos build with marimba, tuned percussion, drums & uplifting synth melody
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Analysis Report 3468/2 10 mixes Terry Devine-King
Positive mid-tempo groove with ambient synths & drums. Science & technology feel
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Lateral 3385/7 12 mixes Richard Lacy
Pretty, dancing piano patterns build with percussion & emerging positive theme
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Like A Bird 3385/4 13 mixes Richard Lacy
Warm, gliding piano theme with a gentle rise & fall. Builds with percussion & light synths
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Moving Images 3370/3 10 mixes Philip Guyler | Paul Clarvis
Hypnotic marimba & analogue synth ostinato build with piano, light percussion & driving bass pulse
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Positive Patterns 3370/5 10 mixes Philip Guyler | Paul Clarvis
Positive marimba ostinato builds with light percussion, bass pulse & hypnotic sequenced patterns
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Careless 3362/1 9 mixes Alex Arcoleo
Carefree, plucky textures build with uplifting piano motifs & warm synths over a lively drum & percussion beat
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