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Don't Scratch That Itch 3661/4 13 mixes Andy Cooper
Comical, old school hip hop song for kids with strong drums, synths, DJ scratching, male rap vocal & funny kids backing vocals teaching self-control
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It's Time To Get Silly 3661/2 13 mixes Andy Cooper
Funny kids song with old school hip hop instrumentation, vibrant Latin horns, groovy synths, silly rap lead & kids bvs
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Jump Jump Jump 3661/1 12 mixes Andy Cooper
High energy, childrens hip hop song with strong drums, funky bass, keys, a vintage groove & fun male rap vocals & kids bv shouts
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Now You Know 3661/3 13 mixes Andy Cooper
Educational, fact-filled classic hip hop song with slamming drums, groovy synths, blaring horns, soulful female vocals & male rap
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Pass The Microphone 3661/5 11 mixes Andy Cooper
Old school hip hop song for kids all about sharing with groovy guitars, swinging drums, fun synth sounds, positive rap vocal & kids bvs
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Pick It Up 3661/7 11 mixes Andy Cooper
Up-tempo classic hip hop kids song about cleaning up with intense bassline, strong drums, jazzy elements, fun lead vocal & enthusiastic kids bvs
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Get Fresh 3661/6 12 mixes Andy Cooper
Classic 80s hip hop song with strong drums, powerful synths, bell, guitar, male rap vocals & fun, educational lyrics
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Stretch And Yawn 3661/8 13 mixes Andy Cooper
Smooth hip hop lullaby with a strong beat, groovy keys, sleepy male rap & soft female sung vocals
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I've Got To Move 3647/1 13 mixes Andy Cooper
Energetic classic hip hop with swinging drums, groovy vintage keyboards & inspirational rap vocals for kids of all ages
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P.A.R.T.Y. 3647/3 12 mixes Andy Cooper
Fun, Latin-style kids hip hop song with party themes over steady drums, groovy keys, big Mariachi horns & lead rap & children’s group vocals
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So Many Things I Love To Do 3647/5 13 mixes Andy Cooper
Fast-paced rap song with swinging drums, surf guitar, groovy organs, classic hip hop lead vocal & energetic kids backing vocals
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Today's My Day 3647/6 12 mixes Andy Cooper
Inspirational kids hip hop song with strong hand claps, groovy synths, Hammond, male lead rap & female backing vocals
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Let Me Be Me 3647/2 11 mixes Andy Cooper
Mid-tempo hip hop song with male rap vocal, strong drums, groovy instrumentation & inspirational lyrics about self-confidence & individuality
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Let's Work 3647/4 12 mixes Andy Cooper
Classic hip hop groove for kids with strong drums, funky guitars, motivational male rap lead & enthusiastic kids backing vocals
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Old School New School 3647/8 13 mixes Andy Cooper
Old school hip hop funk with fun childrens themes, swinging drums, grooving bass, guitars & classic rap lead with kids group vocals
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Please Make Some Noise 3647/7 12 mixes Andy Cooper
Fun, childrens song with classic hip hop energy, big drums, groovy bass line, Hammond, funky guitars & male rap vocal
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All I Ask 3622/2 11 mixes Lawrence Insula | Joshua Lockhart
Classic hip hop with strong breakbeat drums, male sung & rapped vocals, sampled brass & vocal FX. Explicit
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Get Money 3622/4 11 mixes Lawrence Insula | Joshua Lockhart
Punchy 90s hip hop with strong male rap, reversed string samples, turntable scratches & classic hip hop drums. Explicit
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Gimme Mine 3622/6 11 mixes Lawrence Insula | Joshua Lockhart
Powerful 90s hip hop with empowering male rap vocal, melancholic Rhodes sample, bird song FX, bass & groovy drums. Explicit
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I'm An Animal 3622/7 13 mixes Lawrence Insula | Joshua Lockhart
Dark 90s hip hop with hypnotic koto bed, distorted hip hop beats, West coast synth melody & male rap vocal. Explicit
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Passing By 3622/8 12 mixes Lawrence Insula | Joshua Lockhart
Punchy 90s hip hop with contemplative male rap vocal, jazzy Rhodes, synth bass & steady hip hop drums. Explicit
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Why 3622/5 10 mixes Lawrence Insula | Joshua Lockhart
Classic hip hop with reflective male rap vocal, reversed Rhodes, punchy 90s hip hop drums & groovy synth bass
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Big Deals X Big Noise 3622/1 12 mixes Lawrence Insula | Joshua Lockhart
Uneasy 90s hip hop with distorted synth bass, menacing guitar sample, turntable scratches, aggressive drums & strong male rap vocal. Explicit
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Summertime Feels 3622/3 11 mixes Lawrence Insula | Joshua Lockhart
Laid back 90s hip hop with bold male rap vocal, jazzy Rhodes, classic punchy 'boom bap' hip hop drums & warm synth bass. Explicit
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Ella No Es Timida 3621/3 12 mixes Alian Melian
Hard hitting reggaeton with confident Spanish male vocals & rap & melodic synth bells
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