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Everybody's Tellin' Me 3761/6 16 mixes Todd Speakman | Joseph Downard | Marcus Dawes | Guy Speakman
Quirky jazz jam with hip hop style rapped vocal, drum kit, bass guitar, synths, electronic piano, Hammond organ & saxophone
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Animal Side 3571/2 14 mixes Thomas McNeice | Richie Fondue
Tribal percussion beats, moody male vocals & growling bass with uplifting synths & anthemic vocals in chorus
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Gozar 3558/4 13 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr. | Mario Alexander Menjivar
Uplifting modern party song with anthemic Spanish vocals, Latin percussion, guitars, synths & hypnotic dance groove
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Cambia De Via 3557/5 9 mixes Eli Levinson | Marco Abal | Ivan Duran | Campbell E Browning
Reggaeton song with downtempo Latin beats, acoustic guitar, tropical synths & Spanish male vocals with intense rap lyrics about police violence
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Mia Mio 3557/7 10 mixes Eli Levinson | Ronald Lemus | Ivan Duran | Campbell E Browning
Laid-back reggaeton song with Spanish female & male vocals, electric guitar, dreamy synths & hard-hitting drum groove
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Me Vale 3557/6 11 mixes Eli Levinson | Ronald Lemus | Ivan Duran | Pablo Love
Hard-hitting G-funk hip hop tune with intense Spanish male rapping, squelchy synths & laid-back drum groove
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Para Mi 3557/1 10 mixes Eli Levinson | Ronald Lemus | Ivan Duran | Pablo Love
Laid-back reggaeton song with Spanish male & female vocals, dubby synth elements & pulsing groove
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Protegete 3557/4 9 mixes Eli Levinson | Ronald Lemus | Ivan Duran | Pablo Love
Reggaeton song with syncopated tropical synths, electric guitar & Spanish male & female rapping over hard-hitting drum groove
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Tu Propriedad 3557/8 10 mixes Eli Levinson | Ronald Lemus | Ivan Duran | Pablo Love
Moody reggaeton song with Spanish male & female vocals, soft synths & hypnotic, pulsing groove
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Bag At 3523/8 12 mixes Sean Allen
Hypnotic hip hop with playful yangqin hook, reverse FX, deep bass, hard triplet drums, strong male rap vocal & bvs
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Cake Up 3523/7 16 mixes Sean Allen
UK hip hop with hooky arpeggiating bells, punchy bass, driving drums, keys & confident male rap & auto-tune bvs
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Come We 3523/6 12 mixes Sean Allen
Laid back hip hop with warped keys, 808s, eerie piano, hooky strings, hard trap drums & confident male rap
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Everything After 3523/5 12 mixes Sean Allen
Steady hip hop with synth keys, deep bass, hard driving drums, confident male rap vocal & sung auto-tuned chorus
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Freeload 3523/4 12 mixes Sean Allen
Laid back hip hop with warm ambient keys, insistent drums, synth bass & motivational male rap vocal
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One Accord 3523/2 11 mixes Sean Allen
Motivational UK hip hop with aggressive bass, dark melodic bells, synth strings, hard drums, male rap & auto-tune vocals
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Round Here 3523/1 12 mixes Sean Allen
UK hip hop with dark keys, aggressive bass line, hard trap drums, self-assured male rap & auto tune vocals
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Who Don't Love Me 3523/3 12 mixes Sean Allen
Hip hop with hypnotic plucked string melody, reverse FX, punchy bass, trap drums, low choral hits & male rap vocal
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Olala 3505/2 9 mixes Brinton Ewart | Curtis Antonio Bradford | Joseph Michael Diaz | Merty Shango
Hard-hitting hip hop track with mumble rap vocal, electric guitar, brass stabs & noodling saxophone over 808 drums
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You Want It Now 3505/3 10 mixes Brinton Ewart | Merty Shango | Ryan Nelson | Nicholas D'Alessandro
Half-time hip hop groove with male vocals, sparse piano chords, slide guitar & processed vocal FX
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Party For Two 3505/8 10 mixes Brinton Ewart | Adrienne Bess | Merty Shango | Matthew L Brittain
Upbeat R&B jam with bright horn stabs, female vocals & featured male rap over a super cool groove
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Do You 3493/8 12 mixes Xavier Mosley | Solomon David | Lateef Daumont | Steven Gaines
Soulful & summery hip hop groove with uplifting synths, female backing vocals & cool male rapped verses
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Reach 3493/1 9 mixes Xavier Mosley | Lateef Daumont | Timothy Parker | Solomon David
Determined & punchy hip hop with bouncing bass lines, jaunty synths, cool brass stabs & fast-talking male raps from various vocalists
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Keep On Winning 3493/2 8 mixes Xavier Mosley | Timothy Armstrong | Timothy Parker | Solomon David
Classic 90s hip hop groove with fast-talking male rap vocals, busy synth bass, organ & rhythmic piano stabs
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Generator (All and All) 3493/3 10 mixes Xavier Mosley | Lateef Daumont
Hypnotic & soulful track with male spoken word vocals & group chants over funky guitar riffs, psychedelic synths, bass & drums
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Today Was A Good Day 3493/4 10 mixes Xavier Mosley | Timothy Armstrong | Lance Coleman
Laid-back, feel-good hip hop with relaxed male rapping, jazzy piano stabs, funky guitar & orchestral strings
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