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Rock Star 1185/1 9 mixes David O'Brien | Johnny Lithium | Kevin Browne
Driving electro-rock with melancholy singing android who yearns for stardom
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Sleepless Daze 3487/1 9 mixes George Georgia
Uptempo electronica with hypnotic harp sample, chopped vocal FX & warm synth swells over a lo-fi drum groove
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Speechless 3487/2 9 mixes George Georgia
Upbeat electronica with ambient vocal samples, twinkling bell-like melodies & synth bass over a driving groove
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Poolside Party 3487/3 9 mixes George Georgia
Positive, upbeat electronica with a celebratory feel. Warm guitars & vocal samples over a driving breakbeat
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Ocean Bubbles 3487/4 9 mixes George Georgia
Warm electronica with atmospheric synths & pad swells over a hypnotic driving bass & drum groove. Chilled piano ending
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Flashlights 3487/6 9 mixes George Georgia
Uptempo & atmospheric electronica with warm synths, emotive piano, choppy vocal FX & driving beat
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Lit Up The Sky 3487/8 9 mixes George Georgia
Laid-back electronica with processed electric guitar, ambient synth pads & vocal FX over a chilled drum groove
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The Red Moon Rising 3487/5 9 mixes George Georgia
Uptempo chilled electronica with stuttering acoustic guitar riff, processed vocal FX, pulsing bass & driving drum groove
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Off My Mind 3483/8 16 mixes Martin Kinberg | Pete Davis | Viktor Leif Adam Carlsson | Richard Neale
Dark pop song with a soulful vocal, reflective piano & gritty synth bass over a slow, hypnotic beat
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Fly Fly Away 3478/3 11 mixes Robert Altman | Austin Leigh Drage
Uptempo electro dance with house piano stabs, anthemic synths & male vocals over a pumping four-to-the-floor beat
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Get Lost 2nite 3478/4 9 mixes Robert Altman | Austin Leigh Drage
Inspiring electro pop with piano, tropical percussion, marimba, catchy synth hooks & uplifting male vocals
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Go Slow 3478/2 10 mixes Robert Altman | Austin Leigh Drage
Upbeat hands-in-the-air dance pop with catchy tropical synths, banging beats & alluring female vocal
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Look At What We Started 3478/1 10 mixes Robert Altman | Austin Leigh Drage
Catchy, energetic electro pop with tropical synth percussion & male falsetto vocal hooks over a pumping beat
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Not Your Girl 3478/5 10 mixes Robert Altman | Austin Leigh Drage
Sexy electro pop with female vocals, vocal FX chops, pad swells & rhythmic synth drops over a pounding groove
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Oh I'd Do Anything 3478/6 9 mixes Robert Altman | Austin Leigh Drage
Driving electro pop with confident male vocals, catchy synth hooks & bouncy club drum groove
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Like I Do 3455/6 12 mixes Paul Leary | Georgina Birch
Emotional electro pop song with passionate female vocals, plucky synths & a driving beat
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Never Stop Me Shining 3455/1 12 mixes Paul Leary | Georgina Birch
Mainstream electro pop with confident female vocals, pulsing synth bass & punchy drum groove
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The Art Of Memory 3433/4 12 mixes Thomas Evans | Joshua Arcoleo
Dusty, downbeat electronica with warped soulful vocals over piano & guitar textures entwined with a moody sax solo
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Wanna Be Free 3432/4 11 mixes Matthew Taylor | Daniel Risi | Daniel Nicoletti | Ethan Kaufmann
Driving electro indie pop song with groovy drums, funky driven guitar & synths with rapped & sung layered male vocals
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Eyes On You 3431/5 7 mixes Marcas Harris
Warm synth chord stabs with male rap & robotic vocals over sparse reggaeton-tinged beats
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Way Way Up 3431/3 8 mixes Marcas Harris
Male rap vocals over anthemic 80s synths & pumping house beat
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Came To Dance 3431/7 7 mixes Marcas Harris
Happy electro pop with off-beat acoustic guitar, hypnotic synth, robotic male vocal & uplifting chorus with female vocals
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You Got To Know It 1852/4 9 mixes Philip Guyler | Randall Breneman
Driving electro rock with epic synths, dirty guitars & robotic vocal hook
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London To Ibiza 1813/6 11 mixes Darren Leigh Purkiss
Larger than life euphoric dance pop with robotic vocal
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Say Hello 1661/7 11 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Quirky, electronic folk pop song with vocoded male vocal. Robot romance
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