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Creation Miracle 3704/2 11 mixes James Brett
Majestic, awe inspiring & panoramic orchestral with soaring strings, epic brass & celestial choir
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Soaring To Paradise 3704/6 9 mixes James Brett
Inspirational, sweeping orchestral with glistening piano arpeggios, soaring brass, big drums & heavenly choir
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Frozen Dreams 3682/3 16 mixes Sarah Ozelle
Wistful, mysterious & enchanting orchestral fantasy with dreamy layered vocals. Wintry fairytale atmosphere
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Scary Fairytales 3682/2 18 mixes Sarah Ozelle
Spooky orchestral fantasy with soaring, emotional middle section. Features celeste, harp & layered female vocals
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Sleepy Hollow 3682/4 14 mixes Sarah Ozelle
Bewitching yet mysterious orchestra with soothing vocals, nostalgic violins & celeste. Strange goings on in Sleepy Hollow
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Wonderland Waltz 3682/1 10 mixes Sarah Ozelle
Magical orchestral fantasy waltz with celeste, harp & dreamy choir
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When Hadrons Collide 3632/1 11 mixes Jody Jenkins
Majestic, otherworldly orchestra with celestial harp & sound design gently floats to infinity & beyond with heavenly choir
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Celestation 3632/3 11 mixes Jody Jenkins
Dark brass swells over radio-static fx give way to celestial ostinato with emotional strings & choir building to heroic orchestral finale
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Stellarum Nocte 3632/4 11 mixes Jody Jenkins
Orchestral fantasy with dreamy harp patterns, heavenly boy soprano & choir builds to fast, heroic ending with big drums
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Five Moons 3632/5 11 mixes Jody Jenkins
Mesmeric oscillating patterns build with strings, angelic boy soprano vocal & gamelan to an uplifting orchestral ending
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Galaxia 3632/6 9 mixes Jody Jenkins
Rich, emotional & reflective orchestral theme builds with soaring choir to a heartening ending
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Somnium 3632/8 7 mixes Jody Jenkins
Celestial & majestic female a cappella choir
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Remarkable Journey 3597/1 19 mixes Terry Devine-King
Enchanting orchestral fantasy blockbuster with celestial choir builds from magical opening
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Magic Mysteries 3597/7 9 mixes Terry Devine-King
Magical dreamlike orchestral fantasy with piano & heavenly choir textures
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Death Of Ymir 3521/7 24 mixes Glen Gabriel Jansson
Mournful & heroic thematic orchestral epic with piano, heavenly choir, huge percussion & electronic elements
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Ave Maria Goes Clubbing 3495/3 9 mixes Arr. George Georgia | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant
Floating harp melodies build into positive house remix of 'Ave Maria' with violin, soft pad textures & angelic female voice
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The Heart Of Gaia 3491/3 10 mixes James Brett
Serene, magical & melancholy orchestral adventure fantasy featuring piano, ethnic woodwind & heavenly choir
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Voces Chorum 3421/2 4 mixes Duncan Pittock
Forlorn choral piece with legato male & female voices floating in ethereal reverb
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Nolo Mortem Peccatoris 3421/3 8 mixes Simon Anderson
A deeply religious & lamenting choral track with male & female voices. Cathedral reverb mix
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Pie Jesu 3421/1 6 mixes Arr. Simon Anderson
Beautiful & reflective choral arrangement of Fauré's 'Pie Jesu' for solo soprano & unaccompanied choir
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Ave Verum 3421/8 11 mixes Simon Anderson
Emotive & spiritual choral arrangement of the religious Latin hymn 'Ave Verum Corpus'
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Come Kiss Me 3421/6 10 mixes Arr. Simon Anderson
Early 17th century tune by Orlando Gibbons arranged for five-part choir with warmth & elegance
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Fragment 3421/7 6 mixes Simon Anderson
Beautiful, slow & hypnotic wordless chorale for unaccompanied double SATB choir
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Amber Nights 3411/1 11 mixes George Georgia
Haunting & ethereal electronic score with synths, soft piano, strings & opera style vocal textures
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Requiem For The Innocent 3341/3 9 mixes Alex Kovacs
Slow, poignant & reflective orchestra with angelic choir
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