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No Returns 3656/8 8 mixes Lawrence Insula
Tense trap with haunting horror bells, synths, crunchy drill trap drums & slide 808s
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Pending 3656/4 6 mixes Lawrence Insula
Dark trap with haunting vocal chants, eerie bells, gritty trap drums & bouncy, distorded 808s
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Red Eye Flight 3656/10 7 mixes Lawrence Insula
Menacing trap with spooky synth ambience, bells, driving trap drums & overdriven 808s
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Realisation 3577/4 10 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Peaceful meditative bell motifs over a gentle pulse, ticking rhythm, bowed cymbals & effects. Hypnotic
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One Accord 3523/2 11 mixes Sean Allen
Motivational UK hip hop with aggressive bass, dark melodic bells, synth strings, hard drums, male rap & auto-tune vocals
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Campana Sobre Campana 3449/5 14 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Traditional Christmas norteño with Spanish vocals, accordion, upbeat drums & festive percussion
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Los 12 Dias De Navidad 3449/2 14 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
'Twelve Days of Christmas' performed in the traditional Venezuelan aguinaldo folk style with Spanish female vocals
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Navidad Navidad 3449/1 14 mixes Arr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Traditional Spanish Christmas carol with female vocals, acoustic guitars, driving percussion & festive bells
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Glass Temple 3349/2 13 mixes Dang Khoa Chau
Dark experimental electronica with fuzzy synth bass, nervous beats, glassy bell melody & background pads
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Kept Promises 3349/4 10 mixes Dang Khoa Chau
Hypnotic & ambient marimba with minimalist beat, arpeggiating bells, spatial choir & woodwind pads
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Stand Tall 3078/8 11 mixes Olujimi Oladipupo Alao Aseru | Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Heavy UK rap with hard male vocal, heavy bass, synth chime melody & aggressive percussive beat. Explicit mix
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You Me And Mistletoe 2893/3 13 mixes Tim Garland
Swinging, cheery Christmas big band & orchestra with crooned vocal
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Gold 2511/7 17 mixes Tom Peters | Greg McDonald
Upbeat acoustic pop with glock, synth melody & rhythm section groove
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Festive Love 2421/7 13 mixes Paul Clarvis | Frank Ricotti
Festive bells galore with hints of traditional Christmas carol melodies
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Dance Of The Hoodies 2246/5 21 mixes Darren Leigh Purkiss
Clockwork ballerinas meet dark synth beats with orchestra, bells & choir
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Bell Rock Party 2022/3 19 mixes Tom Peters | Lorenzo De Feo | Remy Mallett
70s style rock romp with overdriven guitars, hand claps & bell chimes
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God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 1989/2 7 mixes Arr. Dave James | Keith Beauvais
Contemporary remix of a festive classic with harpsichord & phat beats
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Alpha Level 1948/4 1 mixes Terry Devine-King | Evelyn Glennie
Still & meditative ambient bells above a calm, mysterious soundscape
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Volcanic Spring 1849/5 10 mixes Lincoln Grounds
Raindrop glocks, chimes & piano build to inspiring panorama with percussion
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View From The Inside 1827/3 8 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Delicate harp motif over ominous cello with whispering fx & bell toll
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Easy As Christmas Pie 1771/2 8 mixes Tim Renwick
Melodic acoustic folk with Christmas bells & chimes
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Running All The Time 1709/3 10 mixes Max Brodie
Quirky, dreamy nu folk with male vocal hooks & clapping
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Data Streams 1681/2 8 mixes Darren Leigh Purkiss
Tinkling & dreamy tuned percussion with agitated glitch beats
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Christmas Countdown 1675/6 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Mottram
Upbeat festive frolics with sleigh bells, glockenspiel & orchestra
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Cinnamon And Cookies 1675/8 9 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Mottram
Warm & sweet Christmas score including mellotron & full orchestra
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