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Walk Through The Bazaar 3098/3 5 mixes Martin Williams
Agitated solo clarinet with a Middle-Eastern flavour
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Bear With A Plan 3098/1 5 mixes Martin Williams
Jaunty, mischievous & playful solo bass clarinet
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An Aim In Mind 3098/6 5 mixes Martin Williams
Jaunty, bright & purposeful solo clarinet
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Autumn Reflection 3098/7 5 mixes Martin Williams
Mellow, reflective & melancholy solo clarinet
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Can't Wait For You 3098/10 5 mixes Martin Williams
Determined, restless & energetic solo bass clarinet
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Cheeky Chap 3098/4 5 mixes Martin Williams
Swaggering, determined solo bass clarinet with a twinkle in its eye
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High Roller Stroll 3098/2 5 mixes Martin Williams
Sultry, seductive solo clarinet with a hint of the jazz age
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Sloth 3098/9 5 mixes Martin Williams
Lethargic, wandering solo bass clarinet with a faintly comic rolling slow swing feel
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O Christmas Tree 3084/1 10 mixes Arr. Thomas Parisch | Laurent Ziliani
Christmas classic re-imagined with violin & clarinet solos over gypsy jazz rhythm bed
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Were They Your Trousers 1531/18 2 mixes Tim Garland
Vintage comedy performed on solo bass clarinet. Light clowning
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Approaching Twilight 1529/2 5 mixes Tim Garland
Spacious bass clarinet solo, meandering & slightly spooky
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Cloisters 1273/27 1 mixes John Dankworth
Soulful, reflective solo clarinet
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The Old House 1037/12 2 mixes Tim Garland
Slow, spooky, solo bass clarinet
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Lonely Trail 2 3265/35 12 mixes Debbie Wiseman | Stephen Fry
From sparse solo woodwinds, to gentle orchestral theme to glowering ending
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Blue Rag 2 1010/13 2 mixes Tim Garland
Laid back, jaunty clarinet solo
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Clarinet Concerto 10 (30) 3184/40 17 mixes Mozart Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Beautiful, lyrical solo clarinet. 2nd 'Adagio' movement of Mozart's clarinet concerto (1791)
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Red Sky In The Morning 1552/7 3 mixes Tim Garland
Airy, mournful solo clarinet theme. Surrounded by crisp cold air
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Haunted Solo 1529/7 5 mixes Tim Garland
Dark & lurking, meandering bass clarinet solo with cymbal & effects
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John and Terry 1037/19 1 mixes Tim Garland
Cautious, solo bass clarinet
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