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Watery 2 1038/36 2 mixes Duncan Pittock
Light bell pattern. No water effect
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New Age 4 1132/34 4 mixes Andreas Panayi
Single hit from a small bell which works rather well with New Age!
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Front Desk 12 (Sting) 1328/31 12 mixes Ray Davies
Solo reception/typewriter/bus bell
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Bring Back My Bonnie 3 2097/93 12 mixes Arr. Alexander L'Estrange
Famous Scottish folk song instrumental. Solo glockenspiel/music box mix
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Music Box 1114/26 3 mixes Paul Mottram
Solo Music box. Light nostalgic melody
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Kata 5 1142/45 5 mixes Chris Norton | Pete Haslam
Peaceful wind chimes / bells
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Solo Sleigh Bells 1117/30 4 mixes Christopher Ashmore
8 bar loop of solo sleigh bells at 120BPM
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Mental Clockwork 6 1058/40 6 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock
Strange, ambient pads with light piano and bell melody. Reverberant drums

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