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Faster Speeds 3737/1 14 mixes Nathan Feddo | Henry White
Uplifting alt electronic with vocal effect melody, bright synths, synth pads, bass & progressive drums
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Understand 3737/4 13 mixes Nathan Feddo | Henry White
Driving alt electro with 4 to the floor drum beat, thumb piano, analogue synths, vocal effects & deep bass
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Tell Me What You Want 3733/5 10 mixes Justin Holets | Mendeleyev Allan-Blitz | Aaron Hosea Campbell
West coast chill out R&B with synths, bass, plucked violin, swung drum groove & rapped & sung vocals
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Groove Tape 3731/2 20 mixes Paddy Conn
Feel good dream pop with shimmering guitars, vocal textures, drums, bass, organ & synth
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Sixteen 3714/1 11 mixes Ariel Bui
Driving indie rock with strong female vocal, catchy electric guitar riffs, bass, Hammond organ & drums
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Working Out The Kinks 3714/3 18 mixes Ariel Bui
Punchy indie rock with driving guitars, strong female lead vocal, bass guitar, synths & steady drums
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Scott Free 3714/8 12 mixes Ariel Bui
Energetic indie rock with Hammond organ, electric guitar, drum kit, bass & rocky female vocal
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Real And Fantasy 3714/10 9 mixes Ariel Bui
Positive indie rock with strong female vocal, electric guitars, drums, Hammond organ & bass
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Baker's Walk 3581/1 10 mixes James Taylor
Soulful, mid-tempo strut with wailing sax solo, Hammond organ & guitar over a funky bass & drum groove
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Grey And Green 3581/2 11 mixes James Taylor
Smooth & uplifting jazz funk groove with Hammond/sax call & response over muted wah guitar, bass & drums
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Paris Blue 3581/6 10 mixes James Taylor
60s-influenced soul pop groove with Hammond organ & bluesy guitar over a driving bass & drum groove
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To Hear Is To Obey 3581/8 12 mixes James Taylor
Mid-tempo 70s blues funk with Hammond organ, guitar & jazzy saxophone over groovy bass & drums
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Who Put That There 3581/10 12 mixes James Taylor
Hammond-led 70s funk workout with blues guitar & jazzy sax solo over a driving drums & percussion groove
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Hope Is A Dying Star 3497/2 11 mixes Benjamin Timothy Florin Rowntree | Rob Cass | Joseph Robert Taylor
Moody reverb-laden rock with husky vocals & twangy guitars awash with synths over a plodding drums & percussion
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Warm Up The Action 3428/2 9 mixes Tristan Ivemy
Rousing, fast-paced indie rock with energetic hooky guitars, hard-hitting drums & tambourine
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Backwoods Boombox 3356/7 9 mixes Andy Cooper
Old school hip hop rocker with energetic groove, organ sounds, tambourine, drums & DJ & vocal FX
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Dalina 3165/3 12 mixes Cyril Giroux | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | David Bossan
Mediterranean folk dance with mandolin, flute, strings & brass
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Annabella 3165/8 10 mixes Cyril Giroux | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | David Bossan
Romantic, wistful 1950s style ballroom rumba with strings, trumpet, woodwind & percussion
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Tarendella 3165/5 11 mixes Cyril Giroux | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | David Bossan
Classic southern Italian gypsy folk dance. Quickens
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Corna Groove 2524/1 15 mixes David Tobin | Jason Pedder | Mark Johns | Jeff Meegan
Ancient groove with lute, whistles, percussion, reeds & hint of electronica
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Jamboree 2364/6 10 mixes Ray Davies
Barn-dancin' hoedown with speed picking banjo & jaunty orchestral strings
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Strolling And Whistling 2 2670/104 18 mixes Theo Travis
Cheery, traditional folk tune with wood whistle, frame drum & tambourine
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Stay Safe 2 2283/67 9 mixes Alex Arcoleo
Uplifting percussion. Hand claps build to louder sections with drums
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Keep Movin' On 3 3711/41 16 mixes Jake Field | Duncan Thompson
Stripped back funk song with soulful male vocals, grooving percussion, electric guitars, Hammond & an uplifting chorus. No drums
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Funky Rooster 3 2950/44 11 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Cheeky rhythm mix with bongos, hand claps, tambourine & triangle
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