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Call Waiting 3288/1 11 mixes William Davies
Insistent Latin hand percussion & powerful drum groove
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Iberico 3288/7 11 mixes William Davies
Frantic chorus of rolling snare drums builds with low ethnic hand drum hits, cowbell & electronic beats
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Imago 3288/2 14 mixes William Davies
Tense driving drums & Latin percussion groove
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Sharkbait 3288/5 11 mixes William Davies
Dynamic fusion of Latin percussion & breakbeats
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Seeking Attention 3288/8 13 mixes William Davies
Very fast handclaps & ethnic percussion build with powerful drums to a frantic climax
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Caged 3288/6 9 mixes William Davies
Tense driving African percussion featuring bongos, djembe & cajon
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Cheeky Little Cousin 3288/4 15 mixes William Davies
Bustling percussion groove with djembe, cajon, drum kit & handclaps
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Bleeping The Curses 3288/3 12 mixes William Davies
Mid-tempo Latin percussion & drum groove with Cuban flavours
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Enter The Kill Zone 3240/3 8 mixes Paul Clarvis | MB Gordy
Restless, driving, epic solo percussion. Relentlessly threatening
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On The Eighth Day 3240/2 8 mixes Paul Clarvis | MB Gordy
Insistent, martial, epic, multi-layered percussion. Builds in stages
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Insistent Ways 3240/1 11 mixes Paul Clarvis | MB Gordy
Rolling, turbulent warlike solo percussion. Side drums, taikos, tom toms, tam tam & timpani
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Breaking The Mould 3227/6 10 mixes Paul Clarvis | MB Gordy
Turbulent, slowly building, thunderous solo percussion with frantic climax
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Decimate 3227/5 10 mixes Paul Clarvis | MB Gordy
Dark, muscular solo percussion with bass drum & sticks. Gradually builds & develops
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Eruptor 3227/3 14 mixes Paul Clarvis | MB Gordy
Pounding, furious, solo drum anthem. Builds to kit driven climax
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Nervously Restless 3227/2 10 mixes Paul Clarvis | MB Gordy
Aggressive, warlike taiko drums & tam tam. Mid- tempo solo percussion
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Bloodlust 3178/3 11 mixes Chris Blackwell
Driving percussion groove gradually builds to dramatic non-stop tub-thumping mayhem
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Deathless 3178/9 7 mixes Chris Blackwell
Pounding drums & percussion tribal rhythm bed
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Night Walk 2848/6 9 mixes Paul Clarvis | Matt Hill | Sonia Slany
Haunting hang drum/gamelan with warm strings & analogue pads
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Lost Space 2848/5 7 mixes Paul Clarvis | Matt Hill | Sonia Slany
Dreamy hang drum with analogue synths & slow moving percussion
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Boxed Frogs 2532/1 21 mixes Paul Clarvis
Slapstick percussive excellence with drums & all sorts of household items
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Mobius 2513/12 10 mixes Paul Clarvis | Nick Wollage
Ethnic flavoured percussion grooves with sombre & tense strings
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Chick 2452/5 15 mixes Paul Clarvis
Powerful drumkit groove with tom tom sections. Drum corps gets funky
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Rhythm Bandits 2452/3 17 mixes Paul Clarvis
Thunderous drum kit rhythms & fills
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Headache 2452/2 25 mixes Paul Clarvis
Military drum corps engage in percussive onslaught
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Panic Station 2452/4 27 mixes Paul Clarvis
Frenetic & syncopated drumline. Solo drum corps percussion
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