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Wavy 3603/6 8 mixes William Davies | Dag Torgersbraten
Dynamic, driving soca groove with pounding drums, Latin percussion & beats
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Lockin' 3603/3 10 mixes William Davies | Dag Torgersbraten
Driving exciting beats with classic drum machines, cowbell & percussion
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Big Stomping 3603/2 8 mixes William Davies
Thumping drum groove with tense driving bongos, booming bass, synth effects, hand claps & percussion
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Make Some Waves 3603/5 10 mixes William Davies
Pounding, driving drum groove with cowbell, bongos & hand claps
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Oh What Fun 3591/7 17 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Charley Harrison
Uptempo & jazzy Christmas song with Jingle Bells-themed lyrics, swinging big band & spirited strings
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Masters Of Wushu 3575/7 5 mixes George Shaw
Tense driving Chinese drums & percussion build to exciting climax
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Six Nations 3547/5 9 mixes Chris Blackwell
Powerful & exciting tribal drums. Builds throughout to frenetic climax
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Air Ball 3543/2 18 mixes Thomas Evans | Joshua Arcoleo
Anthemic marching band groove with driving field snare drum rhythms & punchy horn ensemble
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Tidewater 3543/3 16 mixes Thomas Evans | Joshua Arcoleo
Dirty honking horns, klezmer-influenced sax melody & marching band beats with a trap twist
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Dog House 3543/7 16 mixes Thomas Evans | Joshua Arcoleo
Uptempo marching band carnival groove with driving percussion, funky low brass ostinato & bright horn section
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Empire 3543/6 13 mixes Thomas Evans | Joshua Arcoleo
Driving marching band groove with huge brass hooks & funky saxophone solo
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Miss Dangerous 3543/5 14 mixes Thomas Evans | Joshua Arcoleo
Anthemic stadium marching band with powerful hip hop groove feel, intense horn blasts & exotic melodies
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Copacabana Chaos 3543/4 14 mixes Thomas Evans | Joshua Arcoleo
Pumping carnival anthem with marching band percussion, sunny horn blasts & four-to-the-floor kick drum
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Sitting On Your Money 3543/1 14 mixes Thomas Evans | Joshua Arcoleo
Modern stadium-style marching band drums with cool & contemporary feel featuring huge brass riffs & sax solos
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Dark Hour 3496/2 10 mixes Jack Baker
Steadily building drums & percussion crescendo to a stomping & energetic finale. Relentless energy
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Push Up 3496/3 8 mixes Jack Baker
Punchy & bright drum groove with handclaps & cowbells on top of quirky percussion layers & hard-hitting floor toms
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Black Tigers 3496/6 9 mixes Jack Baker
Sparse but heavy tom-tom hits build into a percussive storm with woodblocks, cowbells & Brazilian tamborim drums
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The Bells 3496/7 10 mixes Jack Baker
Sports event/cheerleader marching band groove with group vocal shouts over powerful drum & percussion rhythms
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Late Night Games 3496/8 12 mixes Jack Baker
Tom-tom jungle groove builds to an explosive jazz swing with busy percussion & fast snare drum rolls
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The Far Reach 3496/1 10 mixes Jack Baker
Powerful & punchy drum track with layered percussion & handclaps over a pulsating sub bass & distant vocal shouts
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Taken To The Edge 3496/4 10 mixes Jack Baker
Fast-paced drums & layered percussion groove with sense of urgency. Hybrid mix of live & programmed drum sounds
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Silver Shadows 3496/5 8 mixes Jack Baker
Handclaps, shakers, cowbells & more! A stomping drum & percussion groove with an afro 6/8 feel
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Groove Kicker 3485/6 13 mixes Philip Guyler | Paul Clarvis
Fast & furious driving hard drums with urgent percussion & electric bass
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I Want More 3418/2 10 mixes Henry Binns | David Henry Etherington | Tabitha Benjamin
Sumptuous chill out song with female vocals over brooding strings, ambient piano & a hypnotic groove
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4 Bu 6 Ku Bayashi 3417/1 7 mixes Joji Hirota
Powerful & frenetic taiko drumming with additional intertwining percussion rhythms & loud vocal shouts
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