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Yeah I Can't Get Enough 3368/5 13 mixes Phil Panton | Tom Barnes | Oliver Wilde
Upbeat electro pop with hooky driven guitars, clicks, synths, punchy drums & string female vocals
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By My Side 3348/1 14 mixes Phil Panton | Tom Barnes
Catchy, energetic tropical electro pop with male vocals, finger clicks, piano & cool synths
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We Are Meant To Be 3348/9 15 mixes Phil Panton | Tom Barnes
Catchy electro pop song with guitars, bright synths, male vocals & tropical elements
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Birthday Party 3293/1 7 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Powerful hip hop beats with catchy filtered sax hook, piano stabs, vocal shouts & big beats
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Roll Through 3293/2 5 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Smooth R&B instrumental with heavy beats, 808, melodic synths, vocal FX, clicks & guitar breakdown
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Show Me How 3293/8 7 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Laid back light hip hop beats with melodic R&B style synths, trap drums & clicks
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Parkour Planets 3281/2 8 mixes Kelly Mac | Suat Akin Orbay
Bouncy house with quirky percussion, heavy distorted synths & mumbled high-energy vocals. Builds throughout
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La Cucaracha 3269/8 9 mixes Paul Leary | Andrea Rocha
Catchy Latin pop with strong Spanish female vocal, guitars, driving beats, trap drums, finger clicks & maracas
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Move by Stealth 2987/6 14 mixes Paul Mottram
Purposeful piano & bass riff with finger clicks & mysterious vibraphone
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Thief 2984/5 20 mixes Chris Egan
Sneaky, nimble-footed orchestral comedy for cat burglars, spies & sleuths
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Beatnik 2933/1 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Neil Harland
Funky laid back jazzy blues with cool bass, groovy sax, brush drums & snaps
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Lurking 2933/4 13 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Neil Harland
Mysterious sinister & sleazy 60s jazz with walking bass, brushes & strings
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Freak Show 2933/5 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Neil Harland
Lumbering tuba with spooky vocals, brush drums, pizz & carousel organ
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Latin Lover 2933/9 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Neil Harland
Quirky bossa fusion with perky pizz, breezy whistling & busy brush drums
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Think Quick 2933/3 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Neil Harland
Mischievous swing jazz with quirky scat vocals, brushes, brass & whistling
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Spoon Man 2933/6 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Neil Harland
Quirky spoons with cheery whistling, ukulele, cheeky tuba, brass & bvs
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Take It Easy 2933/7 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Neil Harland
Lazy double bass & brush kit with snoozy whistling & dreamy vocal melody
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All Mouth 2919/6 10 mixes Bob Bradley | Steve Dymond
Funky beatbox hip hop with vocal instruments, percussion & DJ scratching
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Funky Groove Machine 2919/4 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Steve Dymond
Cool 1980s style beatbox pop funk with vocal synths, trumpet, bass & drums
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Quick Sticks 2900/8 11 mixes Lincoln Grounds
Quirky marimba hook & finger clicks into lo-fi piano & pizz strings chase
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Peacock Strut 2844/2 10 mixes Christopher Baron
Happy marimba, double bass & percussion builds to a feel-good groove
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Happy Clappy 2532/3 9 mixes Paul Clarvis
Building layers of handclaps, slaps & other body percussion
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Clapping Song 2532/5 28 mixes Paul Clarvis | Frank Ricotti
Percussive build-up with layered hand claps, leg slaps & clicking rhythms
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Fresh 2333/1 10 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Richard Rayner
Sunny marimba, piano & Mellotron with finger clicks, glock & catchy hooks
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Bewitching 2175/5 9 mixes Ray Davies
Spooky fun with walking bass, quirky melody & vintage strings
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