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Christmas Magic 3764/1 19 mixes Pete Masitti
Joyful Christmas pop song with female vocal
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Wishing You A Merry Christmas 3764/2 13 mixes Pete Masitti
Feel-good, up-tempo Christmas pop song with female lead & backing vocals
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Difficult Days 3758/4 19 mixes Neil Mulholland | Kirstin Lynn | Thomas McNeice
Rousing energetic indie pop with distorted guitars, sing along male vocal chorus, soaring synths, drums & bass guitar
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Nothing Lasts 3758/6 19 mixes Neil Mulholland | Kirstin Lynn | Thomas McNeice
Alternative indie pop with 80s funk guitar, drum kit, bass guitar, lead male vocal & euphoric synths
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Caliente 3758/7 18 mixes Neil Mulholland | Kirstin Lynn | Thomas McNeice
Uplifting funk pop with bright synths, funky bass line, forward drums, choppy guitars & laid back male vocal
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Somewhere To Run 3758/8 16 mixes Neil Mulholland | Kirstin Lynn | Thomas McNeice
Anthemic pop piano ballad with emotive male vocal, piano, drum kit, anthemic electric guitar, bass guitar & synth pads
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Good Christmas 3750/2 14 mixes Harry Oliver Filleul Clarke | Sarah Michelle Thompson
Up-tempo Christmas pop song with glowing female vocals, driving piano stabs & melody, grooving bass, guitar & drums
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Blistering 3749/1 13 mixes Bethany Drewien | Daniel Bynum
Driving rock with powerful female vocals, bass, synthesizers, driving electric guitar, drums & acoustic guitars
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Arcs 3749/2 13 mixes Bethany Drewien | Daniel Bynum
Anthemic rock with ethereal female vocals, bass, drums, electric & acoustic guitars
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Move On (Lonely Road) 3749/3 13 mixes Bethany Drewien | Daniel Bynum
Upbeat indie rock with driving drums, reverby synth, bass, powerful female vocal, vocal fx, acoustic & electric guitar
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About Us 3749/4 13 mixes Bethany Drewien | Daniel Bynum
Up-tempo indie rock with female vocal, pushy drums, bass & powerful electric & acoustic guitars
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Green Moon 3749/6 13 mixes Bethany Drewien | Daniel Bynum
Indie ballad with emotive female vocal, delicate acoustic guitar, bass, synths, drums & electric guitar
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As You Were 3748/3 8 mixes Kes Loy
Positive, uplifting multi-layered acoustic & electric guitars build with driving drums to an inspiring climax
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Goodbye Today Hello Tomorrow 3747/1 12 mixes Collin Desha
Up-tempo synth rock with driving drums, sustained driven chords, catchy synth lines & lead male vocals
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Falling Deep 3747/2 9 mixes Collin Desha | Richard Craker
Anthemic rock with half-time drums, edgy guitar solos, bass guitar & pop punk vocals
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Dumb Animal 3747/3 10 mixes Collin Desha | Patrick Logothetti | Brijesh Pandya
Upbeat indie rock with fuzz lead guitar, strummed electric guitar, bass guitar, synths & lead male vocal
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Feared Not The Frightened 3747/4 9 mixes Collin Desha | Brijesh Pandya
Fast paced indie rock with pushy drums, fuzz guitars, bass guitar, synths & lead male vocal
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Like A Fever Dream 3747/5 11 mixes Collin Desha | Andrés Villalobos
Mid-tempo stirring indie rock with driven guitars, progressive drums, synths, bass guitar & lead male vocal
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The Prophet (Get Free) 3747/6 8 mixes Collin Desha | Brijesh Pandya
80s new wave inspired indie rock with synth arps, synth pads, pushy drum groove, bass guitar & male lead vocal
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Today Is Tomorrow's Memories 3747/7 11 mixes Collin Desha | Cameron Dmytryk | Brijesh Pandya
Up-tempo feel good indie with punchy rock guitar riffs, bass guitar, synths, drums & lead male vocal
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Fire Starter 3747/8 9 mixes Collin Desha | Brijesh Pandya
Progressive psych indie song with soaring synths, distorted drums, fuzz guitar, bass guitar & lead male vocal
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Shot Me Dead 3741/1 9 mixes Edward Lee Liggitt III
Apologetic indie folk love song with hooky male vocals, banjo, brass hooks, backing vocals & band
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Your Turn 3741/2 14 mixes Edward Lee Liggitt III
Galloping indie folk anthem with soaring male vocals, female bvs, brass hooks, piano, drums & steel guitar
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Grit Your Teeth 3741/3 10 mixes Edward Lee Liggitt III
Honest, tear-jerking country folk song with steel guitar, heartfelt male vocal, drums, brass & banjo
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