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Palatial Processional 3637/2 7 mixes Matthew Slater
Heroic brass theme with triumphant fanfares & orchestral percussion. Epic, vibrant & cinematic
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The Evil Has Landed 3637/3 7 mixes Matthew Slater
Apocalyptic, dramatically building brass & percussion march. Epic & cinematic
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The Big Old Country 3637/4 7 mixes Matthew Slater
Emotional, patriotic brass & percussion opening develops into a soaring, heroic theme with epic finale
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Proud To Be Present 3637/5 7 mixes Matthew Slater
Solemn brass & percussion ceremoninal processional march builds in majesty to a glorious finale
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The Greatest Of Capes 3637/1 7 mixes Matthew Slater
Majestic brass & percussion theme emerges from tense opening building to a rousing climax
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Behind The Shield 3637/7 7 mixes Matthew Slater
Tense, driving brass theme with orchestral percussion builds to a dramatic climax. Thrilling & heroic
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Breaking The News 3637/6 7 mixes Matthew Slater
Tense, dramatic & urgent brass theme builds with orchestral percussion to a triumphant climax
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Rub A Dub 3545/2 9 mixes Jody Jenkins
Glitzy, strutting brass workout with occasional Latino blasts
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Gone For A Burton 3545/3 9 mixes Jody Jenkins
Laid-back yet dynamic 1960s style big band brass theme with a cool swagger
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Blue Clouds 3340/8 11 mixes Jack Baker | Ryan Jacob
Moody brass ensemble builds to a bustling action finale with frantic drums & fizzing trumpets
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Invisible Light 3340/3 16 mixes Jack Baker | Ryan Jacob
Triumphant, tense & dramatic brass ensemble over powerful driving drums. Builds to exciting climax
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Kana 3340/6 9 mixes Jack Baker | Ryan Jacob
Epic brass theme with pounding drum groove & minimalistic piano ostinato slowly builds from mournful trumpet opening
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Over Moscow 3340/2 9 mixes Jack Baker | Ryan Jacob
Brooding Russian-style brass ensemble march builds with intense drums to lively middle section & dramatic climax
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Thunderclap 3340/1 11 mixes Jack Baker | Ryan Jacob
Dramatic, tense & heroic brass with busy aggressive drums
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Esplanade 3339/1 13 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Happy-go-lucky New Orleans brass band with energetic drums & percussion. Mardis Gras feel
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My Oh My Oh 3339/7 12 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Breezy New Orleans brass band with banjo builds to wailing trad jazz. Street party feel
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It's Up To You 3018/2 18 mixes Craig Hardy | Carolyn Jordan
Uplifting soul song with male vocal, shuffle feel & infectious chorus
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America The Beautiful (Traditional) 2799/2 12 mixes Arr. Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Andrew Duncan
Traditional patriotic US Anthem with military band & choir
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My Country Tis Of Thee 2799/6 22 mixes Arr. Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Tim Garland
Stirring orchestral & choral arrangement of US anthem
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Abide With Me 2716/4 14 mixes Arr. Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Simon Anderson | Jason Pedder
Slow & moving brass band arrangement of traditional hymn
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Hope Pit 2716/6 12 mixes Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Andrew Duncan | Jason Pedder
Stirring & majestic brass hymn with moving, lyrical melody
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Largo 2716/1 13 mixes Arr. Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Simon Anderson | Jason Pedder
Slow & reflective brass band arrangement of Largo from New World
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Morning Has Broken 2716/7 11 mixes Arr. Jeff Meegan | David Tobin | Simon Anderson | Jason Pedder
Traditional Scottish hymn arranged for brass band with powerful ending
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