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Mars, Bringer Of War 3290/1 25 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Epic, dramatically building orchestra & choir with explosive ending. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at full tilt
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Task Of Hercules 3266/7 5 mixes Debbie Wiseman | Stephen Fry
Dramatic, dark & mighty symphonic orchestral
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War Cry 3195/4 18 mixes Robert Northcott
Frantic orchestra with shouting choir & thunderous percussion. Builds to dramatic climax
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Heroes Triumph 3137/1 13 mixes George Kallis
Dynamic orchestral hybrid action with driving strings, drums & rock guitars builds to big climax from elegiac choral opening
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Welcome To Dystopia 3109/2 7 mixes Philip Sheppard
Tense, midtempo orchestral crossover with uneasy strings, menacing brass swells & edgy electronica
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Mechanize This 3106/4 22 mixes Mark Petrie | Cody Still
Menacing synths & ominous strings build with brass & rhythmic pounding drum motif to massive climax
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Nucleus Code 3077/6 16 mixes Darren Leigh Purkiss | Christopher Phillip Haigh
Edgy & dramatic hybrid orchestral action builds with driving groove to epic choral chants
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Urgent 3047/7 15 mixes Bryce Jacobs
Rapid-fire orchestral hybrid with techno groove & intense cinematic drums
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Get Them To The Bunker 3014/4 13 mixes Alex Kovacs
Tense orchestral hybrid action with dark pulse, dramatic strings & drums
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Clairvoyance 3014/3 11 mixes Alex Kovacs
Tense orchestral hybrid with celestial bridge section & dramatic climax
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Kill Squad 2983/2 20 mixes Chris Egan | Andrew Cooksley | Trystan Francis
Tactical military scheming with driving orchestra & cinematic sound design
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Mother Ship Attack 2982/6 20 mixes Chris Egan | Andrew Cooksley
Threatening orchestra with hybrid elements builds to dramatic climax
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Interstellar Medium 2982/3 19 mixes Chris Egan | Trystan Francis
Brooding strings with sequenced synth build to dramatic drums & orchestra
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Star Destroyer 2982/2 18 mixes Chris Egan | Trystan Francis
Dramatic orchestral hybrid chase with slow menacing opening & spacey outro
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Primitive Ritual 2963/3 15 mixes Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock
Low, threatening brass with metallic percussion recorded in a cave. Builds
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Deadly Escape 2863/7 6 mixes Jody Jenkins
Orchestral horror/thriller chase with percussive jumps & frights
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Send In The Beast 2863/9 5 mixes Jody Jenkins
Frightening & tense orchestral fright fest
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Reactionary 2802/1 23 mixes Mark Petrie
Suspenseful intro builds into tension with strings, percussion & brass
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Nexus 2800/5 26 mixes Mark Petrie
Tense & dramatic orchestral hybrid builds with choir to titanic climax
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Supervoid 2800/6 23 mixes Mark Petrie | Andrew Prahlow
Propulsive strings & synths, monstrous siren & percussion. Epic finish
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Air Raid 2763/2 16 mixes Luke Richards
Tense, dramatic, building orchestra, percussion & bass. Danger looms
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Enemy Assault 2763/6 23 mixes Luke Richards
Slow & tense marching military orchestral theme with choir. Danger looms
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Take Action 2707/2 10 mixes Joe Kraemer
Thrilling & tense orchestral action with bombastic brass
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Forgotten Kingdom 2696/4 22 mixes Mark Denis
Slow, tense & dramatic orchestral adventure with gnarly synths & epic drums
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Heightened Security 2696/9 15 mixes Mark Denis | Yoshi Hayata
Epic orchestral blasts build with tense strings, edgy synths & brutal drums
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