Scene Changes

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Ottoman Quest 3265/6 12 mixes Debbie Wiseman | Stephen Fry
Orchestral journey, builds gradually with percussion getting slowly darker
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Battle Among The Stars 2562/3 16 mixes Guy Farley
Celestial cinematic orchestral score bursts into battle action
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Out of the Darkness 1309/7 24 mixes Paul Mottram
Building tension with magical orchestra building to positive conclusion at 1:19
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Today's the Day 1001/12 2 mixes Ian Hughes
Solo oboe into lively orchestra - link
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Turbulent Seas 4 (50) 1001/44 6 mixes Ian Hughes
Slow, tense orchestral heartbeat with waterphone effects
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Set Sail 5 (30) 3265/65 9 mixes Debbie Wiseman | Stephen Fry
Apprehensive orchestra descends into gloom
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Lonely Trail 7 (60) 3265/40 12 mixes Debbie Wiseman | Stephen Fry
Pizzicato strings & woodwinds theme. Ends dramatically
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Mouse Hunt 1557/11 4 mixes Debbie Wiseman
Sneaky pizzicato strings with success section
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Realm of Light 2 1001/3 6 mixes Ian Hughes
Brooding orchestral into lighter resolution
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Dawn 4 1003/4 4 mixes Ian Hughes
Panoramic orchestral build with majestic resolve
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From Giant to Gentle 1002/7 2 mixes Ian Hughes
Imposing, large opening into gentle conclusion
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Patriot Games 1001/19 1 mixes Ian Hughes
Bright orchestral opening into reflective, brooding end
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Spartacus 1001/23 1 mixes Ian Hughes
Violent orchestral opening into reflective end
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Traitor 1001/24 1 mixes Ian Hughes
Low strings, orchestral strings link
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Kings Arms 4 1001/38 4 mixes Ian Hughes
Dark, ominous orchestral link. Heartbeat rhythm
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Brief Bliss 1002/9 1 mixes Ian Hughes
Opens with quiet orchestra into briefly joyful melody, then back to introspective atmosphere

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