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Amalfi 3470/4 20 mixes Stefano Civetta
Classic romantic orchestral theme inspired by 1950s/60s Italian cinema. Features mandolin & accordion
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Sicilian Waltz 3470/6 20 mixes Stefano Civetta
Relaxed Sicilian orchestral waltz featuring mandolin & accordion. Includes plaintive violin middle section
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The Flight Of The Fairies 3463/5 9 mixes James Brett
Soaring & dancing orchestral fantasy adventure with celestial choir
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In From The Cold 3450/6 26 mixes Paul Mottram
Simple noble piano melody with a hint of folk over warm pastoral strings & harp
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Ethereal Beauty 3444/3 9 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Light & elegant piano arpeggios build with soaring emotional strings
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Gentle Sunshine 3444/1 12 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Gentle, affecting, romantic piano & strings
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Oncoming Tide 3444/4 10 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Lightly tense, flowing piano & orchestral strings build to an energetic climax. Bittersweet romantic drama feel
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Wild Flower 3444/2 12 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Cascading piano arpeggios & poignant melody build with wistful strings. Elegant, romantic & emotional
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Brasilia 3439/7 17 mixes Juan Andres Matos | Lorena Perez-Batista
Smooth, romantic bossa nova with warm strings, solo flute, acoustic guitar, choral horns & Brazilian percussion
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Dos Caminos 3439/4 21 mixes Juan Andres Matos | Lorena Perez-Batista
Romantic Latin orchestral with exuberant mariachi brass builds from evocative mandolin & guitar opening
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Reparto Flores 3439/5 14 mixes Juan Andres Matos | Lorena Perez-Batista
Vintage cinematic orchestral romance. Gentle Spanish & Cuban guitars with lush strings over relaxed Latin percussion
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A Blissful Journey 3438/1 6 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Warm, uplifting orchestral journey with piano builds from magical atmospheric opening to lively finale
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Love Of Each Other 3438/3 6 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Heartwarming, nostalgic orchestral theme develops from enchanting woodwind, harp & strings opening
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Travel Within 3438/4 5 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Wistful orchestra & piano theme gently builds throughout to a broader ending. Poignant yet uplifting
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Thoughts Evolve 3438/5 6 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Dreamy cascading woodwind & strings build to a sublime, panoramic orchestral ending
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Peace Has Come 3438/6 7 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Reflective piano & strings slowly build to a sweeping, emotional orchestral ending
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Achieving The Dream 3438/7 6 mixes John Ashton Thomas
Charming string & woodwind melodies with warm brass leading to soaring, majestic orchestral finale
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In Love With The Damsel 3425/4 10 mixes Joe Kraemer
Romantic, flowing cinematic orchestral with heavy brass lines & moving string ostinati
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Arrival At The Homestead 3425/6 11 mixes Joe Kraemer
Warm, sentimental & uplifting orchestral suite. Broad & cinematic
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Royal Hymn 3391/7 7 mixes Patrick Hawes
Serene, majestic orchestra with expansive string phrases & brass swells. Nostalgic, heartwarming & patriotic
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Childhood Summers 3383/7 13 mixes Luke Richards
Bright, nostalgic & uplifting orchestral strings build from reflective piano opening
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Life And The Universe 3383/5 14 mixes Luke Richards
Emotional cinematic strings with gentle harp & piano
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Midheaven 3381/5 11 mixes Jody Jenkins
Uplifting orchestral strings with gentle ambient piano & harp. Peaceful, warm & dreamy
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Chasing A Dream 3354/7 8 mixes Philip Guyler
Gentle piano & strings build to a stirring, emotional & uplifting orchestral theme
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Lee Miller 3351/4 9 mixes Jessica Dannheisser
Brooding orchestra with melodic solos on woodwinds & strings, driving piano & off beat pulsing strings
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