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I'm A Foolish Dreamer 3734/2 12 mixes Tim Garland
Smooth vintage love song with lush string orchestra & classic jazz-ballad crooned male vocal
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Oh Heavenly Moon 3734/8 14 mixes Tim Garland
Vintage romantic jazz ballad with male crooner vocal, luxurious strings, dreamy harp & smoky saxophone solo
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I Caught You Smiling 3734/10 13 mixes Tim Garland
Romantic jazz ballad with a light swingy beat under lush strings & cooing male crooner vocal
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Who Ya Gonna Count On 3734/3 18 mixes Tim Garland
Touching, classic jazz ballad with comforting female vocal & rich strings
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A Spring Renewal 3704/4 7 mixes James Brett
Florid, resplendent orchestral piece. Spring has sprung
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Creation Miracle 3704/2 11 mixes James Brett
Majestic, awe inspiring & panoramic orchestral with soaring strings, epic brass & celestial choir
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Flight Of Spring 3703/1 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Light, elegant & uplifting orchestra with piano
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Into The Past 3703/3 9 mixes Terry Devine-King
Reflective, flowing & lyrical orchestra with piano
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Leverburgh 3703/5 10 mixes Terry Devine-King
Graceful, wistful & romantic piano, orchestral strings & woodwind
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Caminata For Elio 3703/6 12 mixes Christopher Slaski
Minimalist style piano gives way to a sophisticated bossa nova inspired orchestral theme. Uplifting, wistful & romantic
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Los Olivos 3703/2 9 mixes Christopher Slaski
Uplifting, joyful piano & chamber orchestra with gentle classical guitar
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Central Park 3692/7 20 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Elegant, gently swinging orchestral in the style of classic cinematic sympho-jazz. Romantic & nostalgic feel
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Dommage 3681/2 13 mixes Cyril Giroux | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | David Bossan
Romantic & nostalgic orchestral waltz with a dash of whimsy
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Le Sorelle 3681/3 8 mixes Cyril Giroux | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | David Bossan
Light & perky orchestral piece that ticks along at a fair old lick. Whimsical European road trip/vacation feel
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Scalarumtis 3681/5 12 mixes Cyril Giroux | Campbell E Browning | Pablo Love | David Bossan
Playful yet stylish & relaxed orchestral with an air of luxury, romance & glamour. 1960s feel with that Riviera touch
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Skipping Stones 3680/4 5 mixes Alex Kovacs
Romantic, lilting waltz with charming strings & piano
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Unfaithful 3680/7 8 mixes Alex Kovacs
Sorrowful piano & orchestral strings. Romantic, passionate & heartbreaking
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Cake Cares 3672/7 10 mixes David Edward Holden
Sweet, delicate & romantic orchestral waltz
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Love Wins 3672/2 11 mixes David Edward Holden
Romantic, winsome orchestral theme with dynamic middle & end sections
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Made For Two 3672/3 10 mixes David Edward Holden
Joyful, romantic & charming orchestral theme in 12/8
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Monaco 3672/5 10 mixes David Edward Holden
Relaxed, stylish & romantic orchestral theme
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Over The City 3672/1 10 mixes David Edward Holden
Magical, gentle & enchanting orchestral theme
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Ultimate Luxury 3664/10 7 mixes Terry Devine-King
Warm, uplifting orchestral strings gently soar above repeating piano sequence
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Dappled Shade 3643/5 7 mixes Patrick Hawes
Gently flowing, peaceful strings with affecting woodwind & brass solos. Pastoral & nostalgic
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