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Spring Song 3630/7 11 mixes Mendelssohn Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Genteel string quintet arrangement of Mendelssohn's famous piano work. Redolent of pastoral scenes in springtime
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Eclipse Of The Sun 3377/3 12 mixes Tom Quick
Plaintive string quartet emerges from reflective piano & floaty atmospheric textures opening
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Look Into The Water 3218/3 10 mixes Julie Cooper
Mysterious solo cello & string quartet build to atmospheric full orchestra with a haunting, wordless soprano vocal
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Donkeys 3187/5 7 mixes Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Flute, clarinet & string quartet making asses of themselves with 'eeyore' effects. From Carnival of the Animals (1886)
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Prim And Proper 3158/4 9 mixes Patrick Hawes
Genteel waltz for violin, cello & viola
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Daughter Of The Moon 3146/5 11 mixes Annie Drury
Beautiful pop ballad with intimate vocals, uplifting piano, strings & solo brass
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Sleeping Alone Tonight 3146/6 13 mixes Annie Drury
Introspective pop ballad with wistful vocals, piano & strings. Builds
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Time To Grow 3146/2 13 mixes Annie Drury
Reflective pop ballad with emotional female vocals & gentle piano. Builds
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You Took Me Dancing 3146/7 11 mixes Annie Drury
Warm & intimate pop ballad with female vocal, piano & strings
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Bow Street Runner 2896/1 20 mixes Chris Warner
Steampunk drama with edgy string quartet, dulcimer & percussion
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Little Dorrit's Lament 2896/2 18 mixes Chris Warner
Sorrowful string quartet & dulcimer with brooding bass & hypnotic textures
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London By Lamplight 2896/3 16 mixes Chris Warner
Hypnotic, undulating string quartet & dulcimer over light percussion
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Parlour Games 2896/5 14 mixes Chris Warner
Mischievous string quartet, barrel organ, dulcimer & percussion
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Soho Sleaze 2896/4 13 mixes Chris Warner
Seductive string quartet & dulcimer with a hint of Victorian burlesque
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What The Dickens 2896/6 14 mixes Chris Warner
Frantic minimalist string quartet phrases with glitchy piano & dulcimers
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Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe 2896/7 20 mixes Chris Warner
Mysterious waltz with strings & a kaleidoscope of mechanical toys & fx
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Rubber Penguin 2818/3 10 mixes Pete Davis | Christian Marsac
Quirky mid-tempo groove with kalimba, double bass, balalaika, drums & quartet
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Picture Of A Century 2809/2 11 mixes Jonathan Lloyd
Fingerpicked guitar with nostalgic vocal & uplifting strings ending
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Alone In The Dark 2759/1 9 mixes Will Cookson
Emotional piano ballad with intimate male & female vocals & strings. Hushed intro then builds
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Cordelia 2759/3 10 mixes Will Cookson
Humorous piano skit with male vocals & strings
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I'm All At Sea 2759/5 7 mixes Will Cookson
Moving piano ballad with intimate male vocals, strings & nautical lyrics
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Creeping Ivy 2594/1 14 mixes David Tobin | Georgina Wilson | Jason Pedder | Jeff Meegan
Eerie, sinister toy piano figures with dark brooding pads & string quartet
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Waltz In The Park 2560/5 1 mixes Ceiri Torjussen
Playful piano with clarinet & small string ensemble. Gushy, romantic ending
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Forgotten 2556/3 11 mixes Tom Quick
Mournful string quartet & thunderous drum hits above an electronic bed
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Stricken 2556/2 9 mixes Tom Quick
Sombre string quartet with sparse atmospheric piano & ethereal textures
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