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Christmas Magic 3764/1 19 mixes Pete Masitti
Joyful Christmas pop song with female vocal
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Wishing You A Merry Christmas 3764/2 13 mixes Pete Masitti
Feel-good, up-tempo Christmas pop song with female lead & backing vocals
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Fate And The River 3762/1 15 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Rousing indie rock anthem with inspirational male vocal about reaching for the sky & never quitting
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Got You In My Sights 3762/2 15 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Swampy indie rock with dirty guitar riffs, stomp clap beats & menacing male vocal
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Hustle Hustle 3762/3 16 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Powerful rock with swaggering male vocal, aggressive riffs, stomp clap beats & hip hop elements
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I'll Be Your Angel 3762/4 16 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Forceful, dramatic stomp clap rock with dirty bass, wailing guitars, pad strings, organ & strong male vocal
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Jump On With Us 3762/5 13 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Bouncy pop rock song with male & group vocals. Inspiring & unifying theme
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We Lit The Fire 3762/8 14 mixes James Pickering | Matthew Clark
Upbeat driving indie pop rock with inspirational lead & group vocals over a stomping groove. Positive & unifying
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Albran 3761/8 7 mixes Todd Speakman | Joseph Downard | Guy Speakman
Experimental electronic funk with pad synths, synth fx, piano, groovy bass guitar, drum kit & Hammond organ
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Mine 3759/3 13 mixes Raithe Laurence
Soft piano with polyrhythmic string plucks, romantic strings & driving Brazilian style back beat. Builds
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Somewhere To Run 3758/8 16 mixes Neil Mulholland | Kirstin Lynn | Thomas McNeice
Anthemic pop piano ballad with emotive male vocal, piano, drum kit, anthemic electric guitar, bass guitar & synth pads
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Conflicting Agenda 3757/1 10 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Political intrigue unfolds from moody opening with soaring violin, pulsing beats, dark synths, cascading piano & strings
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Deep Wounds 3757/4 12 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Plaintive violin builds in drama, pace & passion accompanied by string orchestra, piano & dark synths
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Hushed Secret 3757/5 11 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Slow mournful violin builds with reflective piano, poignant strings, synths & percussion. Expansive & atmospheric
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Rift 3757/2 9 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Searching violin builds to a tense climax with pulsing synth patterns & strings
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Sequence Of Events 3757/6 11 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Enigmatic baroque style violin builds with tense orchestral strings to a stirring finale
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The Unravelling 3757/3 10 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Wistful, expressive violin & atmospheric piano grow in optimism with vibrant strings to a majestic finale
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War Of Wills 3757/7 13 mixes Andrew Swarbrick
Disconsolate violin builds to a crescendo with piano, moody strings & tense synth pulse
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Breathe And Relax 3754/3 15 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Soothing ambient pads with gentle piano & delicate crystal bowl tones. Meditative & atmospheric
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Cycles 3754/7 16 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Peaceful, dreamy ambient piano with warm pads & celestial textures over a crystal bowl drone. Expansive & comforting
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Beautiful Life 3752/8 8 mixes Patrick Hawes
Joyful, energetic piano with both busy & sustained, nostalgic strings
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By Nature 3752/2 8 mixes Patrick Hawes
Warm & regal staccato string patterns with elegant flowing piano
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Dainty Dancing 3752/4 11 mixes Patrick Hawes
Light, playful pizzicato strings with simple & charming piano melody
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Fresh Perspective 3752/5 8 mixes Patrick Hawes
Flowing piano with wistful strings. Gentle, uplifting & romantic
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