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A Yearning For Home 3760/1 10 mixes Jody Jenkins | Frank Gallagher
Stirring, nostalgic Celtic folk ensemble & orchestra. Heartfelt musical ode to the old country
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Old Hibernia 3760/2 11 mixes Jody Jenkins | Frank Gallagher
Stirring, emotional Celtic theme with folk ensemble & orchestra builds from pastoral opening
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Mists Of Arran 3760/3 11 mixes Jody Jenkins | Frank Gallagher
Spirited Celtic folk dance with traditional band & orchestra emerges from peaceful, evocative opening
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Isle Of Fidra 3760/5 11 mixes Jody Jenkins | Frank Gallagher
Enchanting, nostalgic Celtic theme with traditional folk instruments, orchestra & atmospheric female vocal texture
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Ailsa's Air 3760/6 11 mixes Jody Jenkins | Frank Gallagher
Wistful, romantic Irish air with traditional Celtic folk instruments & orchestra
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The Runes Of Drombeg 3760/7 11 mixes Jody Jenkins | Frank Gallagher
Sprightly, magical Celtic whistles & folk ensemble build with orchestra & tap dancers to an exuberant climax
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Follow On Fred 3743/4 11 mixes Neil Sidwell
Furtive, light tension dramedy with pizzicato strings, woodwind, marimba, xylophone & percussion
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Fun To Come 3743/9 15 mixes Neil Sidwell
Bouncy pizzicato strings with breezy woodwind, marimba, xylophone & percussion. Light & groovy 1960s vibe
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Lend Me A Fiver 3743/2 15 mixes Neil Sidwell
Jaunty pizzicato strings with marimba, xylophone, clarinet, flute & percussion
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Lucky Seven 3743/5 15 mixes Neil Sidwell
Mischievous, crafty pizzicato strings, marimba, xylophone, woodwind & percussion
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On A Whim 3743/3 11 mixes Neil Sidwell
Light, bright marimba & pizzicato stings ostinato builds with perky woodwind, xylophone & percussion
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Peek A Boo 3743/6 11 mixes Neil Sidwell
Jaunty, mischievous pizzicato strings, xylophone, clarinet, flute & percussion
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Steady Teddy 3743/8 11 mixes Neil Sidwell
Relaxed bossa-style groove with pizzicato stings, marimba, woodwind & Latin percussion
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Walk Don't Run 3743/1 11 mixes Neil Sidwell
Steady pizzicato strings with groovy marimba melody & whimsical woodwind
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Wally's Waltz 3743/7 17 mixes Neil Sidwell
Whimsical waltz with pizzicato strings, marimba, xylophone, woodwind & percussion
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Dead Calm 3715/5 14 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Icy soundscape with slow desolate alto flute textures, deep drone bass & synth glitches
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Cracked Earth 3715/4 15 mixes Theo Travis | Paul Ressel
Escalating soundscape with flutes, pulsing synth, drone synth & atmospheric textures
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Chinese Rose 3713/6 11 mixes Michael Tedstone | Ling Peng | Max Benjamin Gittings
Simple, touching East/West fusion with Chinese flute & erhu supported by acoustic guitar arpeggios, strings & keys
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A Mi Manera 3691/3 16 mixes Alberto Salas | Carlos José Alvarez
Happy traditional Cuban Charanga salsa featuring piano, flute, percussion, violins & male vocals
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Nunca Para Atras 3691/4 21 mixes Alberto Salas | Carlos José Alvarez
Energetic Cuban salsa with piano, flute, horns, lively percussion & male vocals. Evocative of 1970s NY salsa scene
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If You Go Down To The Woods Today 3682/5 12 mixes Sarah Ozelle
Creepy, mysterious orchestra with spooky female vocals builds to dramatic climax. Not the teddy bears' picnic
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Snow In The Forest 3682/6 11 mixes Sarah Ozelle
Bewitching orchestral fantasy waltz with haunting female vocals, soaring flute, thoughtful piano & percussion
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Spirit Queen 3682/7 12 mixes Sarah Ozelle
Pulsing orchestral strings & vocal texture build with enchanting flute, magical celeste & harp
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Jafar 3659/5 6 mixes Benjamin Thompson
Dark trap with heavy 808s, vocal FX & melodic wooden & ethnic flutes
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The New Money Spyder 3651/3 11 mixes James Taylor
Glamorous 1970s filmic orchestral funk with lush strings, powerful brass, cool Rhodes & driving rhythm section
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