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Look What You Made Me Do 3289/1 12 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento | Mark Asare
Tropical R&B pop with a simple steel pan groove, synths & smooth male vocals
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Last Night 3289/4 10 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento
Sparse piano & male vocals build to tropical pop with driving house groove, steel pan drums & quirky synths
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Island Fallout 3200/6 11 mixes Paul Ressel | Christopher Baron
Processed steel pan with driving percussion, marimba & bass
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Hopeful Prospect 3200/5 11 mixes Paul Ressel | Christopher Baron
Steel pan with menacing orchestral elements, driving metallic percussion, big drum hits & marimba
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Dark Obscurity 3200/8 11 mixes Paul Ressel | Christopher Baron
Haunting steel pan with gong effects, steady marimba & motoring percussion
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Feelin' Alright 3125/2 15 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Laid back electronica with cool vocal hook, organic textural swells & steel drum melody
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Touching Me 3122/3 12 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Hands in the air Caribbean party anthem with male vocals, reggaton/ragga/trap beats, synths & big drops
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Sexy 3122/4 14 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Kemar Shirley
Sexy ragga trap anthem with male vocals, twerking synths, big breaks & rises
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Freaky 3122/8 13 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows | Kemar Shirley
Ragga trap party anthem with steel pans, trap drums, twerk synths & Jamaican dance floor vocals
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Drop It Low 3122/5 13 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Ragga trap anthem with steel pans, vibing snares, Jamaican male vocals & female R&B vocal
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Good Time Vibes 3122/1 13 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Feel-good Caribbean party anthem with vocals, steel pans, trap/reggaeton beats, trumpet & twerking synths
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Wind Your Waist 3122/7 12 mixes Marc Jackson Burrows
Dirty ragga trap with male dance floor vocal, female vocal hooks & crazy synths
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Morning Glow 3070/2 9 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Feel-good summer electro pop with marimba, steel pans & vocal fx
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Closer Without You 3070/1 9 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski
Four to the floor summer pop with female vocals & steel pans
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Steel Pan House 2917/6 16 mixes Martin Felix Kaczmarski | Alex Arcoleo
Upbeat tropical house with female bvs & four to the floor beat
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Idle Life 2637/9 11 mixes Igor Dvorkin | Duncan Pittock | Ellie Kidd
Laid back steel drums with childlike tune into chilled reggae groove
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Steel Having Fun 1850/6 18 mixes Pete Masitti | John Andrew Barrow
Upbeat tropical fun with lively steel drums & Caribbean beats
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Blissed Out 1667/6 12 mixes Lincoln Grounds
Quirky & cheeky holiday reggae with steel drums & cheesy organ
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So Lazy 1661/2 10 mixes Ben Cocks
Sunny reggae pop song with indolent male vocal
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Timor Drift 1505/7 10 mixes Evelyn Glennie | Barrie Gledden | Chris Bussey
Oceanic soundscape with Hang drum. Wave washes played on a sea drum
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Caribbean Carnival 1459/2 7 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Lilting beats with steel drums, eclectic samples & effects
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Totally Tropical 1459/8 8 mixes Dave James
Lively upbeat calypso soca with steel drums & driving percussive beats
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Caribbean Lullaby 1459/4 9 mixes Dave James
Romantic, slow paced evocative calypso ballad with steel drums
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Island Boy 1459/6 11 mixes Dave James
Uplifting, upbeat island reggae groove with trombone & steel drums
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Steelie Pan 1213/5 4 mixes Terry Devine-King
Cheerful Caribbean groove and steel pans
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