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Uptown Street Party 3356/2 9 mixes Andy Cooper
Fun & up-tempo old school hop jam with groovy bassline, electric pianos, horns, & DJ FX
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Summertime Ska 3313/1 12 mixes David O'Brien
Laid-back ska with lazy horn section & a holiday mood
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Honey 3287/3 9 mixes Edmundo Cortes | Sarah Do Amaral Freire Oliveira Souza
Uplifting Brazilian pop with disco groove, piano, drums, hooky horns & warm Portuguese female vocal
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Born To Be A Winner 3258/2 15 mixes William Davies | Dag Torgersbraten
Swaggering hip hop with powerful horn riff & triumphant rap vocals
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An Ode To History 3253/7 4 mixes Jody Jenkins
An emotional & hymn-like adagio for strings with horns & harp
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Captain Oates 3253/3 6 mixes Jody Jenkins
Desperate, yearning string & horn motif leads to grim conclusion
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Night Jungle 3220/4 10 mixes Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Rolling bass grooves & broken beats with synths, vocal FX, huge horn stabs & keys
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Wild Caracel 3220/3 10 mixes Anton Flanders | Pablo Love | Campbell E Browning
Massive growling house with huge horns stabs, driving beats & ear bending FX
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Earth To Infinity 3218/1 10 mixes Julie Cooper
Atmospheric orchestral soundscape with harp, piano, beautiful strings & airy soprano vocal
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Glory Of Earth 3218/7 10 mixes Julie Cooper
Warm orchestral strings with harp & woodwinds build to majestic soundscape with atmospheric soprano vocal
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Rocket Launch 3204/1 10 mixes George Georgia | Linden Jay Berelowitz
Funky hip hop instrumental with guitars, a soaring horn section & hummed vocals
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Allegro Vivace 3186/1 20 mixes Mozart Arr. David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Julian Gallant | Rob Kelly
Joyful Rondo (Allegro Vivace) from Mozart's Horn Concerto No. 4 (1786)
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Daughter Of The Moon 3146/5 11 mixes Annie Drury
Beautiful pop ballad with intimate vocals, uplifting piano, strings & solo brass
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Space Opera 2964/2 15 mixes Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock
Low, majestic brass with ethereal soprano melody & multi-phonic tuba drone
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Far East Temple Drone 2963/10 13 mixes Rob Kelly | Duncan Pittock
Dark Tibetan horn, bells, skull hammer drums & mysterious throat singing
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Move It Along 2872/9 10 mixes Neil Sidwell
Bustling, up-beat trombone with a bright, buoyant orchestra
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Spur Of The Moment 2872/5 8 mixes Neil Sidwell
Jaunty trombone & whimsical light orchestra take a drole stroll
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East Of The Nile 2736/4 12 mixes Terry Devine-King
Slow, gently foreboding Middle-Eastern orchestral with duduk & percussion
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Wondrous Journey 2575/4 9 mixes Sunna Wehrmeijer
Exciting cinematic orchestral ride with short strings figures & solo violin
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Nimbus Reimagined 2562/7 13 mixes Guy Farley
Soft harp arpeggios build to emotive sweeping orchestral melody
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Into The Horizon 2530/2 16 mixes Gerrit Wunder
Three-part epic heroic orchestra & choir theme with guitars & FX
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Rejected 2497/5 11 mixes Lee Pomeroy | David Michael
Haunting, hypnotic guitar with clavichord melody, horns, vibes & organ
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Gentle Depth 2413/4 8 mixes Jody Jenkins
Rich orchestral featuring cello & French horn solos
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Make Way For The King 2325/12 8 mixes James Brett
Regal, medieval trumpet & horn fanfare with percussion
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Black Spider Down 2228/4 12 mixes Ceiri Torjussen
Stately, calm & noble strings with French horn solo. Emotional, builds
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