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Need A Little Love 3654/1 15 mixes Lewis Andrew | Chris Potter | Dominic Heneghan
Up-tempo funky indie pop rock song with male vocal
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Joanne 3631/8 19 mixes Jake Field | Randall Breneman | Ian Janco Gillberg
Driving Americana love song with nostalgic male vocal, catchy chorus & strong poetic imagery
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Black Gold 3525/2 11 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Dirty swaggering Southern blues rock with wailing harmonica
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Gypsy Caravan 3477/8 12 mixes Michael Farkas | Teddy Weber
Driving harmonica-led swing combo with zany percussion & sound effects. East European flavour
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I'm A Believer 3472/1 21 mixes Jesse Walton
Relaxed, bluesy folk with swung male vocal, acoustic guitar, banjo, piano & harmonica. Builds with group vocals
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I'm Gonna Start A Fire 3472/4 14 mixes Jesse Walton
A nostalgic folk rock anthem with heartfelt male vocals, wistful harmonica & melodic piano
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Into Light 3472/3 21 mixes Jesse Walton
Romantic, uptempo folk rock song with crisp male vocal, acoustic guitar & pads. Builds with big drums, piano & harmonica
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Under The Moon Remix 3395/4 11 mixes George Georgia | David Tobin | Jeff Meegan
Atmospheric future bass groove with electric guitar, ambient synths, harmonica & vocal samples
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Bee's Knees 3382/4 8 mixes Terry Devine-King | Adam Drake
Happy-go-lucky 1950s/60s comedy swing with guitar, clarinet & harmonica
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Secret In The Sauce 3296/7 11 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Swampy jug band blues stomp with slide guitars, fiddle, harmonica & piano
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Whiskey Waltz 3296/8 11 mixes Lincoln Grounds | Thomm Jutz
Vintage American waltz with languid Southern elegance. Clarinet, harmonica & banjo weave around a sleepy jug band
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Shy Girl 3263/4 19 mixes Pete Masitti | John Andrew Barrow
Gritty Americana slide guitar with moody harmonica & sultry male vocals over slow hip hop drum groove. Explosive country rock chorus
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Marcel's Wish 3248/5 10 mixes Jody Jenkins
Romantic French cinematic theme. Wistful harmonica opening into bittersweet orchestral pastoral
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Keep Believing 3207/2 12 mixes Julian Emery | Adam Noble
Retro U.S. heartland rock with male vocals, chorus guitar & harmonica
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I'm Coming For You 3038/7 13 mixes Bob Bradley
Indie blues song about vampires with raw guitars, harmonica & slow stomp
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Bootleg Stomp 3008/5 16 mixes David O'Brien | Johnny Lithium
Brash acoustic Southern blues stomp with slide guitar, harmonica & jaw harp
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Heat And Dust 3008/6 11 mixes David O'Brien | Johnny Lithium
Haunting acoustic blues slide guitar & harmonica over a spacious drone
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Rust Belt 3008/4 14 mixes David O'Brien | Johnny Lithium
Dirty electric blues slide guitar with junkyard percussion & harmonica
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Los Cinco Pistolas 2971/5 15 mixes Jody Jenkins
Classic spaghetti western orchestral with twang guitar & macho choir
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Wolf River 2943/1 15 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Stomping Southern blues rock with dirty grinding riffs & howling harmonica
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Camp Fire 2933/8 11 mixes Bob Bradley | Paul Clarvis | Neil Harland
Weary blues harmonica with lazy fiddle, brush drums & double bass
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Great American West 2891/2 10 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Jennifer Green
Sweeping orchestral Americana with banjo, harmonica & whip
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Midnight Prairie 2891/1 17 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Jennifer Green
Slow & atmospheric Americana with brass, strings & harmonica
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Sunset Canyon 2891/4 14 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Jennifer Green
Atmospheric orchestra & harmonica lead as the sunset sweeps the Plains
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Wagon Train 2891/3 16 mixes David Tobin | Jeff Meegan | Jennifer Green
A sweeping orchestral journey with ethnic American instruments
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