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The Best Is Yet To Come 3695/4 8 mixes George Georgia
Jazzy, positive hip hop with drum breaks, piano stabs, guitar, Hammond, vocal shouts & catchy horn melodies
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West Green Road 3695/8 8 mixes George Georgia
Grooving old school hip hop with jazzy basslines, playful drums, funky organs & DJ scratching
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Jump Jump Jump 3661/1 12 mixes Andy Cooper
High energy, childrens hip hop song with strong drums, funky bass, keys, a vintage groove & fun male rap vocals & kids bv shouts
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Delashus 3657/3 5 mixes Matt Goodman
Soulful, 90s boom bap hip hop beats with live bass, hooky guitar, Rhodes & organ riff
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Pump The Brakes 3657/4 6 mixes Matt Goodman
Rolling, moody 90s hip hop beats with breakbeat, live bass, guitar, hooky sax, Rhodes & synths
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Reverend 3657/2 5 mixes Matt Goodman
Soulful, funky 90s boom bap hip hop beats with live bass, Rhodes, guitar, organ & vocal & scratch fx
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The Gravedigger 3651/8 11 mixes James Taylor
Dramatic filmic orchestral funk theme with mighty brass, hot Hammond solo & driving bass groove. Builds to big finish
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Today's My Day 3647/6 12 mixes Andy Cooper
Inspirational kids hip hop song with strong hand claps, groovy synths, Hammond, male lead rap & female backing vocals
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Let Me Be Me 3647/2 11 mixes Andy Cooper
Mid-tempo hip hop song with male rap vocal, strong drums, groovy instrumentation & inspirational lyrics about self-confidence & individuality
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Let's Work 3647/4 12 mixes Andy Cooper
Classic hip hop groove for kids with strong drums, funky guitars, motivational male rap lead & enthusiastic kids backing vocals
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Old School New School 3647/8 13 mixes Andy Cooper
Old school hip hop funk with fun childrens themes, swinging drums, grooving bass, guitars & classic rap lead with kids group vocals
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Please Make Some Noise 3647/7 12 mixes Andy Cooper
Fun, childrens song with classic hip hop energy, big drums, groovy bass line, Hammond, funky guitars & male rap vocal
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What Have You Done Today 3627/3 14 mixes Oli Swan
Quirky pop rock song with off-beat piano rhythm, drums, organ, guitar & male lead & harmony vocals. Builds with breakbeat style groove
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Again 3586/8 12 mixes Amy West | Ethan Kaufmann
Uptempo electro pop with pumping four-to-the-floor beat, organ hook, palm-muted guitar & powerful female vocals
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Baker's Walk 3581/1 10 mixes James Taylor
Soulful, mid-tempo strut with wailing sax solo, Hammond organ & guitar over a funky bass & drum groove
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Grey And Green 3581/2 11 mixes James Taylor
Smooth & uplifting jazz funk groove with Hammond/sax call & response over muted wah guitar, bass & drums
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Mauve On Pink 3581/4 10 mixes James Taylor
Cool fusion jazz with slinky upright bass, saxophone & Hammond organ over a smooth rhythm section
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More Hustle Less Bustle 3581/5 13 mixes James Taylor
Furiously fast jazz funk with energetic Hammond organ riffs & sax over rapid bass & drum groove. Full of hits, stops & glisses
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Paris Blue 3581/6 10 mixes James Taylor
60s-influenced soul pop groove with Hammond organ & bluesy guitar over a driving bass & drum groove
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Sun's In My Eyes 3581/7 10 mixes James Taylor
Mellow summer funk groove with swirling Hammond organ, 70s disco guitar, bass & drums. Smooth sax solo at 2:50
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To Hear Is To Obey 3581/8 12 mixes James Taylor
Mid-tempo 70s blues funk with Hammond organ, guitar & jazzy saxophone over groovy bass & drums
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Tough Ball 3581/9 11 mixes James Taylor
Cool stomping groove with Hammond organ & interweaving saxophone over laid-back bass, funky guitar & drums
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Who Put That There 3581/10 12 mixes James Taylor
Hammond-led 70s funk workout with blues guitar & jazzy sax solo over a driving drums & percussion groove
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Funk Motor 3581/3 18 mixes James Taylor
Cool & funky bass/electric guitar riff with Hammond organ over a laid-back drum groove. Solo drum groove at 2:12. Slow version
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Can't Keep A Good Man Down 3518/2 14 mixes Justin David Joyce | Benjamin Epand
Uplifting, stomping indie rock song with powerful soulful male vocal, big drums, organ, guitars & backing vocal chant
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