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Sun's In My Eyes 3581/7 10 mixes James Taylor
Mellow summer funk groove with swirling Hammond organ, 70s disco guitar, bass & drums. Smooth sax solo at 2:50
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To Hear Is To Obey 3581/8 12 mixes James Taylor
Mid-tempo 70s blues funk with Hammond organ, guitar & jazzy saxophone over groovy bass & drums
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Tough Ball 3581/9 11 mixes James Taylor
Cool stomping groove with Hammond organ & interweaving saxophone over laid-back bass, funky guitar & drums
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Who Put That There 3581/10 12 mixes James Taylor
Hammond-led 70s funk workout with blues guitar & jazzy sax solo over a driving drums & percussion groove
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Funk Motor 3581/3 18 mixes James Taylor
Cool & funky bass/electric guitar riff with Hammond organ over a laid-back drum groove. Solo drum groove at 2:12. Slow version
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I Can Taste It 3571/6 13 mixes Thomas McNeice | Richie Fondue
Bass-heavy neo-disco funk with male vocals, vocoder FX & classic strings over a driving, four-to-the-floor beat
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I'm Hypnotised 3571/8 13 mixes Thomas McNeice | Richie Fondue
Mysterious & dark, Middle Eastern-influenced pop trap song with snake-charming vocals, synths, heavy sub bass & drums
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Sweet Like Lemonade 3571/1 16 mixes Thomas McNeice | Richie Fondue
Slinky R&B song with falsetto vocals, retro synth bass, dreamy 80s synths & smooth drum groove
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World Gone Wrong 3571/7 13 mixes Thomas McNeice | Richie Fondue
Laid-back R&B summer vibes with male vocals, clean jazz guitar & smooth bass over a lo-fi hip hop groove. Spoken word interlude at 2:27
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Animal Side 3571/2 14 mixes Thomas McNeice | Richie Fondue
Tribal percussion beats, moody male vocals & growling bass with uplifting synths & anthemic vocals in chorus
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Cocktail Club 3568/1 19 mixes Paddy Conn
Feelgood indie disco pop song with uplifting catchy male vocals, synths & guitar over a driving drums & percussion groove
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Electric Youth 3568/4 18 mixes Paddy Conn
Anthemic indie dream pop with warm, chanting male vocals, ambient synth soundscapes & a punchy drum groove
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Future Beach 3568/8 17 mixes Paddy Conn
Tropical indie pop with warm male vocals, sun-kissed guitars & playful piano over a retro bass & drum groove
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Dreams I Have 3568/2 16 mixes Paddy Conn
Bright & uplifting anthemic indie pop with soaring backing vocals, guitars, synths & driving drums
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Amour Dansant 3559/6 12 mixes Maxime Desprez | Michael Tordjman | Louis Huguenin
Upbeat electro house with dreamy backing vocals, funk guitar & bass with synth arpeggios & textures
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Estivale 3559/4 10 mixes Maxime Desprez | Michael Tordjman | Louis Huguenin
Laid back, mid-tempo French electro groove with dreamy backing vocals, Rhodes, synth textures & funky guitar
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Aurore 3559/7 10 mixes Maxime Desprez | Michael Tordjman | Louis Huguenin
Laid-back synthwave with pulsating keyboard & bass, ethereal retro synth swells, beats & half time sections
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Los Dos 3558/7 17 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr. | Mario Alexander Menjivar
Latin reggaeton/hip hop with Spanish guitars, pounding 808 drum groove & Spanish male vocals
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Tu 3558/3 19 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr. | Mario Alexander Menjivar
Latin hip hop/reggaeton with Spanish male vocals, ambient guitars, dreamy synths & horn section over a hard-hitting drum beat
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Fluffy 3556/6 14 mixes Paul Ressel | Jessica Ann English
Driving alt pop with dark female vocals, distorted electric bass, drums & soaring synth pads
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I C U 3554/1 10 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento
Modern driving boogie funk groove with male vocals, smooth keys, groovy bass & punchy drums
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What You Want 3554/2 10 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento
Laid-back R&B pop song with shimmering synth arpeggios, deep bass groove & soulful male vocals with rapped verses
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Glow Up 3554/3 12 mixes Matt Goodman | Matthew Bento
Modern R&B/funk song about self-love with sassy & confident female vocals over a driving bass & drum groove
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Wear The Crown 3554/4 11 mixes Matt Goodman
Driving pop funk song with powerful female vocals, funky bass riff, guitar & punchy drum groove. Ripping guitar solo from 1:48
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All The Likes 3554/5 10 mixes Matt Goodman
Sassy pop funk song with cool & confident female vocals, slinky bass hook & funky guitar over a hypnotic drum groove
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