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Anchusa Blue 3563/2 7 mixes Tim Renwick
Soothing acoustic guitar melody with light percussion, mellow organ, double bass & glockenspiel. Gently builds
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Lilac Time 3563/6 6 mixes Tim Renwick
Romantic, melancholy & nostalgic guitar melody with light percussion & emotional strings
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May Blossom 3563/3 7 mixes Tim Renwick
Warm, relaxed acoustic guitars with gentle marimba & cheerful flutes. Lead & slide guitar parts throughout
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Mon Repose 3563/4 12 mixes Tim Renwick
Tranquil guitar melody over relaxed strummed acoustics & light percussion
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Pumpkin Patch 3563/7 8 mixes Tim Renwick
Easy going acoustic rock with catchy slide guitar fills & warm vocal melody
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Shangri La 3563/5 8 mixes Tim Renwick
Warm relaxed guitars, organ & percussion with a light Latin vibe. Sunshine, beach & pina coladas
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Bits And Bobs 3560/2 14 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Carefree mid-tempo folk with acoustic guitars, catchy hooks & percussion
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Duvet Days 3560/3 16 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Warm lazy folk with relaxing acoustic guitars & ticking-time percussion
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Fuzzy Felt 3560/4 16 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Warm & cheerful acoustic folk pop
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Homespun 3560/6 14 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Relaxed folk with warm & cheerful acoustic guitars
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House To Home 3560/1 16 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Warm leisurely folk with catchy guitar top line, gentle piano & percussion
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Patchwork 3560/8 13 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Sunny grooving acoustic guitars over a light Afro Caribbean rhythm
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Sketchbook 3560/7 14 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Gentle mid-tempo folk with uplifting acoustic guitars & light percussion
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Stitch In Time 3560/5 18 mixes Adam Drake | Tom Jenkins
Light & airy nu folk with ticking clock accompaniment
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Panoplie 3559/1 11 mixes Maxime Desprez | Michael Tordjman | Octave Lissner | Louis Huguenin
Playful, summery French pop song with male & female duet, syncopated bossa nova style guitars, Theremin & beats
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Gozar 3558/4 13 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr. | Mario Alexander Menjivar
Uplifting modern party song with anthemic Spanish vocals, Latin percussion, guitars, synths & hypnotic dance groove
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Los Dos 3558/7 17 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr. | Mario Alexander Menjivar
Latin reggaeton/hip hop with Spanish guitars, pounding 808 drum groove & Spanish male vocals
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Amandote 3558/8 14 mixes Samuel Youngblood Jr. | Mario Alexander Menjivar
Latin pop/reggaeton song with acoustic guitar, ambient pads & Spanish male vocals. Builds to uplifting chorus with catchy horns hook
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Cambia De Via 3557/5 9 mixes Eli Levinson | Marco Abal | Ivan Duran | Campbell E Browning
Reggaeton song with downtempo Latin beats, acoustic guitar, tropical synths & Spanish male vocals with intense rap lyrics about police violence
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Night Caller 3556/3 15 mixes Paul Ressel | Jessica Ann English
Energetic alt pop song with soft female vocal, acoustic guitar, gritty synths & driving electronic beat
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In Your Hands 3552/4 14 mixes Pete Masitti | Jonathan Kingham
Powerful US pop rock ballad about faith & surrender with impassioned female vocal
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Quedate 3550/3 15 mixes Abraham Benjamin Stewart | Andrea Rocha
Sexy, upbeat Latin pop song with Spanish guitar, beats, trumpet & sultry female vocals
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Through The Morning 3549/2 10 mixes Timothy McNary | Robyn Collins
Atmospheric alt folk song with finger picked acoustic guitar, melancholic male vocal, reverberent electric guitars, piano, synths & strings
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So Soon 3549/3 11 mixes Timothy McNary
Nostalgic, driving alt folk song with reverby acoustic & atmospheric electric guitars, bass, drums, Rhodes & male lead & harmony vocals
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Ohio 3549/6 14 mixes Timothy McNary | Nathaniel Williams
Dark alt folk song about a search for freedom. Acoustic guitar & steady toms are joined by strings, horns, piano & male vocal
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