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Boiling Point 3363/5 13 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Tense, bubbling synths & turbulent drums build to boiling point from sparse, menacing opening
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Roar 3363/4 13 mixes David O'Brien | Paul Clarvis
Urgent, exciting drums with sequenced power synths & roaring sound effects
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Night Rolling 3346/2 13 mixes Gavin Harrison
Tense & menacing electronica with pounding industrial drums
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Stannic Tines 3286/5 10 mixes Noah Sorota
Menacing electronica with driving pulse, distorted textures & epic drums builds to orchestral style breakdown & fierce climax
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Shadow Theory 3215/3 12 mixes Tom Boddy
Heavy synth brass riff over building frenetic percussion beat
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Evil Creeper 3190/1 4 mixes Barrie Gledden | Chris Bussey
Sinister brooding pads with sparse dark piano motif & hypnotic, gritty synths. Builds
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Dark Surveillance 3190/4 4 mixes Barrie Gledden | Chris Bussey
Dark brooding pads spiral with crunchy electronic beats & haunting piano
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Don't Turn Around 3190/5 4 mixes Barrie Gledden | Chris Bussey
Driving & hard hitting electronic tension with building gritty synths & sound design
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Military Grade 3190/2 4 mixes Barrie Gledden | Chris Bussey
Sinister sound world with haunting piano & crunchy synths. Builds to big aggressive finale
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Fear Of Silence 3177/4 12 mixes Richard Lacy
Dark ambient pads & rising Shepard Tone give way to lo-fi industrial drums & sparse melancholy piano
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Global Panic 3148/1 12 mixes Mark Denis
Aggressive percussion, synths & pulses boil over into a screeching rage of intensity
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Mass Ignition 3148/2 12 mixes Mark Denis
Ominous ethereal bending tone into aggressive pulses & percussion. Builds throughout
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Atomic Revolt 3148/3 12 mixes Mark Denis
Throbbing basses, screeching synths & slamming percussion accelerate into a panicked climax
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Flee The Scene 3148/4 12 mixes Mark Denis
Ominous low stabs into raging synths & slamming percussion. Accelerates to a frantic climax
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Alarm Will Sound 3148/5 12 mixes Mark Denis | Ryan Andrews
Gritty alarms, propulsive sound design & aggressive percussion in a frenzy of tension & raw power
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Resist And Revolt 3148/6 11 mixes Mark Denis | Randy Gist
Deep dark marching synths build into aggressive percussion & pulsing rise climax
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Grudge Match 3148/7 13 mixes Mark Denis | Yoshi Hayata
Aggressive percussion impacts & gnarly synths escalate with sound design to a thrilling finish
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Survival Mode 3089/2 14 mixes Terry Devine-King | Adam Drake
Atmospheric tension bed with mysterious guitar motif & pulsing synth rhythm leads to dramatic drums, guitars & bass drone
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Battle Hammer 3072/1 7 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Brutal electronic rock with slamming beats & intense builds
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Crush Box 3072/3 6 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Electronic industrial rock with dark modular synth beats & twisted guitar riffs
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Digital Destroyer 3072/4 6 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Driving electronic rock with pounding beats & huge distorted bassline
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Full Contact 3072/7 7 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Relentless drum ‘n’ bass rock with drops, destruction & aggression
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Hyperflux 3072/5 5 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Frantic digital hardcore with intense glitches & big air drops
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Punisher 3072/6 7 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Heavy electronic rock with punishing beats, aggressive modular synths & guitars
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Social Paranoia 3072/2 7 mixes Barrie Gledden | Kes Loy
Disturbing & uneasy industrial rock with filtered builds & aggressive climaxes
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