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Music Glossary: Production Music Uncovered

By: Simon Anderson
Date: 21 May 2012

var switchTo5x=true; We know that the music world can sometimes shroud itself in a confusing labyrinth of terms and restrictions all of which can often frustrate and perplex. In this post we're going to try and unravel some of the jargon so that next time you come across another cryptically complicated explanation of the different music rights, you feel somewhat more prepared. Hopefully this will form a handy reference for the following things going forward: • Available Music Types •...

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Music Copyright and the Law

By: Simon Anderson
Date: 23 Aug 2011

Proposed Music Copyright Changes It was great to hear UK Business Secretary Vince Cable proposing changes to our music copyright laws regarding format shifting earlier this month. It’s still technically an infringement of copyright to copy your purchased CDs onto your mp3 player (or for my generation,  record onto cassette), because by law each copy of a musical work which is still in copyright requires a licence and usually a fee to be paid. Licensed Music Content owners such as...

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Music Rights at Sheffield DocFest

By: Simon Anderson
Date: 07 Jun 2011

Music Rights Surgery Having held Audio Networks ’ first Music Rights Surgery last year at DocFest I’m delighted to be heading back there next week. We’re hosting two workshops this time, as well as a panel debate.   Judging from the response we got last year, music copyright is such an important part of filmmaking, it seemed a good idea to have a couple of workshops on the subject.   Just how do you clear those music clips?  What exactly are the issues...

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