Brand New Music For September

By: Lucy McGougan
Date: 9 Sep 2013

This month we have released a whopping 18 brand new albums of genuinely fantastic and eclectic music!

Marimba Fusions

Our first featured album is Marimba Fusion. This is the second instalment from the collaboration between Lincoln Grounds and Richard Rayner. Mysterious, playful and fidgety marimba fusions sit with solo performances across a range of moods & feels.

Find out more from our behind the scenes video below!


Undiscovered 3

Next up is Undiscovered 3. This album contains the debut tracks from two of our exciting new composers Martin Felix Kaczmarski and John Vella. Read all about them on our Undiscovered page and see what you think of their great new music.

Monster Percussion

Monster Percussion is from the ridiculously talented Paul Clarvis and was recorded at Strongroom Studios. Paul has performed with acts such as Mick Jagger, Elvis Costello, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Annie Lennox, Sting, Bryan Ferry, John Williams and on films including Star Wars, The Passion, Troy, King Arthur, Kingdom of Heaven, Alien vs. Predator, The Lord of the Rings, Spy Games, James Bond, Billy Elliot, Notting Hill and Harry Potter. The album features a host of percussive masterpieces including tracks performed on ‘instruments’ including trash cans, spoons and old junk!

New Orleans Blues

Our next featured album comes all the way from the USA. New Orleans Blues is from composers David Tobin and Jeff Meegan. This New Orleans jazz and blues was recorded in the celebrated Piety Street Studios in the heart of the city to create utterly authentic recordings.

The tracks feature stunning vocals from Meschiya Lake, Big Al Carson and Wendell Brunious.

Find out more about the process behind recording the album in the video below!


Weekend Hits

Our final featured album this month is a mixed delight from Bob Bradley, Matt Sanchez, Steve Dymond, Sarah Wassall, Alex Miller and Giuseppe De Luca. Weekend Hits features songs with super slick production and catchy vocals and hooks.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our wonderful new releases as well as these. See you next month as the music just keeps on coming!


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