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Sheffield Doc/Fest: The 20th anniversary

By: Anne Booty
Date: 25 Jun 2013

It all began with a delayed journey from sunny St Pancras, a drunken lady collapsing mid-afternoon at our feet, and meeting Melvyn Bragg at Sheffield train station. How could this not end up being the best  Sheffield Doc/fest ever? Documentary Delights Docfest is a treat platter. When you are handed such irresistible treats, you try and down everything before realising that not everything will fit in your ambitious stomach. Just like  previous years there is always so much going...

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From Poo to Who: The Annual Media Guardian International TV Festival

By: Anne Booty
Date: 03 Sep 2012

A confession: I’ve never actually been to Edinburgh. A fair enough excuse given that I am from Australia, but a bit lame given I’ve been living in the UK for fifteen years now. Either way, my colleague and I found ourselves on the train zooming past majestic Scottish countryside looking forward to attending the world of TV production at the Annual Media Guardian International TV Festival. Celebrity Juice: Bang Tidy Edinburgh Special A brief dabble in the wonderfully...

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