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Trance Music turns Orchestral: Part 1

By: John 00 Fleming
Date: 30 Jan 2013

John 00 Fleming is an artist who has achieved international success in a career spanning over 20 years. With over 10 million album sales and 30 produced mix compilations, John’s a proven musical pioneer whose essence lies in what his fans call, ‘The JOOF sound’. This sound is as unpretentious as the artist and is best described as deep and textured progressively edged trance, in an electronic dance music style that is an antithesis to what is normally produced within this...

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Does imperfection make music great?

By: Lincoln Grounds
Date: 24 Jan 2013

Technology is impressive isn't it?  It has brought a world of creative tools to the people enabling the production of good sounding music with just a laptop & a pair of headphones. Music Apps and Plugs Ins Consumers have apps and studio folk have plug-ins. Both, little nuggets of nicely presented code that enable us to find every fish & chip shop in Bognor Regis or make a double bass sound like it's being played in a bucket.  An infinite variety of equally noble & useful...

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My Royal College of Music Scholarship

By: Andrew Howes
Date: 16 Jan 2013

One Wednesday morning in October, I was introduced to Andrew Sunnucks and learnt to my delight that I was the recipient of the  first Audio Network music scholarship here at the Royal College of Music. It was felt that I might be best suited to fulfil this role, given the extent of what I could learn and gain from any potential experiences.  In the brief time I have been associated with Audio Network, I have already been introduced to many fascinating and influential people, as well as...

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Brand New Music for January

By: Jo Belcher
Date: 10 Jan 2013

Happy New Year everyone!   We’ve got some great  brand new albums for you at the start of what I hope will be a great new year for us all.   The first album is .. ANW1845 - Teen Rock Pop ANW1845 – Teen Rock Pop by Chris Bussey - also featuring a track by Pete Masitti and John Andrew Barrow . The album is jam packed with energetic pop metal and rock tracks with cool riffs, loud drums and razor sharp lead guitars. ANW1847 - UK RnB Hip Hop Next up is ...

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The Composer, the Orchestra and Abbey Road Studios: Part 1

By: Paul Mottram
Date: 07 Jan 2013

How does a piece of music go from being an inspired thought in a composer’s head, to being part of the extensive music library here at Audio Network? In this two-part blog series, prolific composer and long-time Audio Network collaborator Paul Mottram explains his process in bringing his music to life. Recording Orchestral Music At the beginning of October in 2012, I recorded some new music with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios for Audio Network. Orchestral music has...

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