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Big Band Music for the BBC Proms

By: Tim Garland
Date: 25 Aug 2012

Staring out at 5000 people with a big band behind you, making something up on the spot might not be everyone’s idea of fun!  Jazz Musicians There is no doubt something about the mind-set of jazz musicians that seeks out what you could call, the "precipice" of a situation.    My new piece, 'Agro Alegria' was played at the Proms last week by the excellent and extremely youthful National Youth Jazz orchestra (in which I was soloist).  It was a reminder to me as to why...

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The Soundtrack of Summer

By: Andrew Sunnucks
Date: 21 Aug 2012

“Summer is when laziness finds respectability” Sam Keen said that deep summer is when laziness finds respectability. Now that the English summer has finally arrived, all us Brits find ourselves wistfully dreaming of holidays, sun and relaxing in whatever way we choose. For some this might be beaches and ice cream, others clubbing and alcohol and for me insect bites, sweatily trying to get things done and smelling like Ghandi’s flip flops. Memories of summer Whatever the...

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