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My Projects

This is an easy way to store your selections of sound files (Audio Network Production Music or Sound Effects). They can then be shared with other users in your company if you are an online member and will be there for you to edit or download at a later date.

Get started with My Projects

To get started make sure you Login via the button in the top right hand corner.  Then simply search for sound files covered by your subscription and click the Add to Project icon on the search results page against the file you wish to add to your project. You'll be asked whether you want to add the file to a new project or an existing one.

Sharing your Projects

If you are creating a new project you can choose to either automatically share the project with everyone in your company or to initially only include yourself in the 'participants' of the project.

If you wish to share the project with specific people at a later date, simply click Edit Project Info on the project sound file listing page, then select or deselect users from the list. You can also edit the project name and description here.

Downloading your sound files

Once you have either created a new project or added your file to an existing one, you are taken to the project file listing page. You can then download your sound files in one of two ways:

  • One by one by clicking the icons or
  • Packaged as a zip file by selecting multiple files using the selection boxes and selecting the file download format action from the drop down box at the bottom of the page.

You can also delete files or move or copy them to another project using the file selection boxes and the action drop down box.

More My Projects fun

Notes: Enter notes about a sound file by clicking on the notes icon against each file.

Ratings:  Click on the traffic light rating icon to rank your file selections (green, yellow, red), you can order by rating by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Email: Email the project details to a colleague by clicking the email icon at the bottom of the page.

See all projects: If you wish to see all the projects you've created or that have been shared with you click the Show All Projects link at the top of the project file listing page.

My Projects homepage: Clicking My Projects at the top of any page of the site will take you to the project listing page. However, if you are working in a specific project it will take you back to the project file listing page.

Help with My Projects

If at anytime you need any help with My Projects please call us on +61 2 8204 0100 or email us at

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